Saturday, August 08, 2009

I have the head of a wolf

Of course, there is no better accompaniment to new glasses than a new haircut [√] and a new tattoo [√]. The new tattoo is shown here (though I need to get a better pic now that it's almost healed):

Head of a wolf

As per most of my tattoos over the past 30 months, this was again made by Xam at Frith Street Tattoo in London. It sits on my lower right leg, between the shin bone and calf muscle.

I had hoped to sit upright and grab some photos of Xam working on the area, but it proved too difficult for me to hold myself in position while he was working. I just couldn't relax enough, and my body -- and more importantly, the area being tattooed -- started doing all sorts of weird flinchy stuff. I was concerned it would make it tough for Xam to make good lines, so I lay down instead. That was much better.

I am totally stoked with the finished result. When I first sat up at the end of the session, I was blown away by how awesome it was. That's not to say I felt it was better than any other recent tattoo; I think it was more because I was able to see the whole thing easily, without contorting my body or using a mirror, all of which makes it harder to get that instant gratification, I think.

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