Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Closing in on a year

Yeah, man, well it's been almost a year since my mum died. And it's been almost a year since I could quite bring myself back to this page to blog again. I've been dabbling with Tumblr and of course busy with Facebook.

But maybe it's time to come back to blogland.

There was a time when this blog was filled with Gallows stuff. And there's a lot going on in Gallowsland right now, so maybe that can be the impetus I need.

Let's start with the new Gallows video for "True Colours".

And here are the lyrics (as I hear them):

If it looks like a snake
It moves like a snake
If it writhes like a snake
Then all the world knows it's a snake.

True colours shining through
Your true colours shining through
True colours shining through
Your true colours shining through.

Like a 4th of July
Like a 4th of July
Like a 4th of July
Like the 4th of July.

Get your free download of this new track by clicking here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Change keeps going on all around us all the time-n- sometimes I have a hard time with it!!-Please keep going!!


31 August, 2011 01:10  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Hey, great to see you back here. I hope you find energy and inspiration to write again. I miss your thoughts and ideas.

10 September, 2011 17:21  
Blogger Milla said...

Ue', guaglio', bentornato!

12 September, 2011 13:29  
Anonymous barnsleysime said...

nowt i can say. but good to see you around again. been far too long.
Gallows still rock.

14 December, 2011 13:08  
Blogger Underground Baker said...

Hi *! Glad to see you post. Hope to be back checking in you every once and awhile. All the best!

08 March, 2014 01:05  

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