Friday, July 13, 2007

Where’d the week go?

Forgive me, reader, for I have sinned. It's been four days since my last blog post...

It's been one of those weeks where not much seems to happen worthy of writing:

1. Watched a couple of movies (16 Blocks and le dîner de cons), so they'll make it over to Such As They Are sometime in the distant future. Latest review over there at the moment is the highly recommended Manon des Sources.

2. Been working -- same ol', same ol'.

3. Got the year's expenses receipts organized for the accountant.

4. Bought some jeans from The Gap for £13.59 ($27), which was a total bargain. They were discounted anyway, and then I had a further 20 per cent off for a missing button on the fly!

5. Heard some disappointing news from my brother in his bid to get on The X Factor: in short, he didn't make it.

6. Watched more episodes of Seinfeld. Wife and I are working through all the episodes on DVD in chronological order. It opens it up to a whole new level of brilliance, seeing how the storylines run through entire blocks of shows. Genius.

7. Bought an aerial lead so I could get the Freeview channels on our TV. That way we can now record one channel while watching another, a luxury we haven't been afforded for years. Sure, I know there's fuck all on TV, but you can guarantee that, like buses, two good shows always come along at once.

8. I haven't shaved.

So, that's it. A week in the life of a 30-something self-employed man who blogs.

What will next week bring? Well, among other things I have the series finale of Heroes to look forward to. That's on Monday night. Beyond that, friends and loved ones, it's a blank canvas. Wish me luck...

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Blogger Glamourpuss said...

The blank canvas is the seat of all possibility!


13 July, 2007 10:32  
Blogger Red said...

Hmm.. .I fear I really underestimated just what that aerial lead means to you.

13 July, 2007 10:49  
Blogger Judith said...

Oooohhh Ive seen the finale of Heroes *slaps Hands over mouth * youre gonna love it!!!

13 July, 2007 12:15  
Blogger Biddie said...

Sorry about your brother. Is he taking it in stride?
I saw the finale of Heroes and I barely remeber it. I hope that they rerun it again in September. I hate waiting 3 months for my fav shows to start...I'm getting to old for this.

13 July, 2007 16:11  
Blogger Sheamus the... said...

aha...the most beautiful canvas can be the blank one my friend.

13 July, 2007 16:12  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

shaved? oh yeah. that. forgot.

Too many lines here for a blank canvas

13 July, 2007 21:32  
Blogger Gardenia said...

You are forgiven! Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit! One of these days you'll pick up the blank canvas and "paint" that too. Someday.

13 July, 2007 22:38  
Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

I never really appreciated Seinfeld until I started watching it with my brother. It IS genius. I also thought Heroes was very well done. I am going to download the series so I can watch them all in order (I missed a couple here and there).

14 July, 2007 04:24  
Blogger Will said...

Condolences to your poor brother.

14 July, 2007 15:34  
Blogger mister anchovy said...

Manon des Sources is a delightful film.

re: Seinfeld...I didn't see any episodes until two years ago, being delinquent about keeping up with TV.....boy was I surprised to see how good the ensemble acting really was...

14 July, 2007 22:02  
Blogger Cynnie said...

i havent shaved in a few days either !.

15 July, 2007 01:12  
Blogger Shep said...

Just did the same with Curb Your Enthusiasm. All 5 seasons in order. Just sublime.

15 July, 2007 06:33  
Blogger Milla said...

Good luck Aste!
Will you post a picture of yourself and your 5 o'clock shadow?

15 July, 2007 13:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such is life, years of boredom broken up with moments of terror.

15 July, 2007 16:41  
Blogger Suze said...

Asterisk, quite a week. I wish I was self employed, it goes through me working my ass off for someone else.

Have a great Sunday evening. :)

15 July, 2007 20:30  
Blogger James K said...

le diner de cons is one of my favourite films. I can't stop laughing when I see it.

19 July, 2007 09:56  

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