Thursday, June 12, 2008

Three things to write about

1. Monday I went and had another 2 hrs 15 mins tattooing done on my backpiece. It's really coming along now. We're probably just over halfway through. It's looking awesome, guys -- or "sick", as Gallows frontman Frank said when he saw it as Xam was working on me, because Frank was tattooing at the shop that day, too.

Some of you have seen how it's looking so far. If you haven't, I'll mail pics to any regulars who are interested, so just leave me a comment to say you wanna.

2. The British government has won the first round in its attempt to increase the detention time for terrorism suspects, taking the time allowed to keep prisoners without charge up to a mammoth 42 days, or six weeks, while they gather the requisite evidence to take them to court. Um, excuse me, but what the fuck?!

This is such bullshit. How many people have we seen arrested and held for the current 28 days only to be released without charge? Quite a few is how many. Holding someone for six weeks, potentially someone who doesn't even know why they are held, since there is no obligation for the police to tell them, is completely fucking bogus. And Gordon Brown (who spookily has the same initials as that other fuckwit) could not even have won this without pulling in reinforcements. The man's a complete arsehole and should be got rid of asap.

3. It's 12 June, and it's thundering. Thundering?! Holy shit. Welcome to summer.

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Blogger Red said...

What are you talking about?!? It's sunny here (on the other side of the room).

12 June, 2008 11:39  
Blogger Ben said...

I'd like to see the tattoo progress.

We could do with a bit of the thundering over this way - it's been dry as a bone since early last month. There are some clouds out and about today, but it's hard to tell if we'll get any rain.

12 June, 2008 11:42  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

The arrests are so long off the many years without "charges" laid...years? Torture being totally accepted by everyone on the planet. (If we cared we would protest or demand our governments boycott or stop the situation so I have to assume no one gives a rats ass if we torture England and America!!!!)...and now "trials" held in Gitmo...

We've lost our minds.

12 June, 2008 12:48  
Blogger furiousBall said...

i love thunder storms.

i echo the earlier comment, let's see some progress on that back piece dude

12 June, 2008 14:43  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

This has to be an awsome sight to see Asterisk. I want to see how well they are doing on your back piece. I have the one after they had drawn it out. This must feel weird.

But I think all governments have went nuts. Now on to the rain. We are suppose to get like four more inches here today into tomorrow. Yikes...

12 June, 2008 18:09  
Blogger Say It said...

we had 105 degrees here in Connecticut. THAT is unseasonably to fucking hot. Usually we are at 70-80 highs this time of year. I'll take a cooling thunderstorm.

13 June, 2008 03:40  
Blogger Milla said...

We had thundering in London in *March*!

13 June, 2008 10:44  
Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, the 42 days thing is beyond the pale. I hope the Lords scupper it.


13 June, 2008 11:33  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

tattoo looks awesome, m'friend!

and about that other thing... i don't even know what to say. sounds insanely unfair to me... but sometimes i wonder what the line should be b/c i also think terrorism is something that needs to be very seriously dealt with. (just to clarify... not saying i think the whole 42 day thing is fair... at all... just musing)

14 June, 2008 14:43  

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