Friday, May 09, 2008

Singing from the same hymn sheet

A few weeks ago, some e-mail discussion between my missus and Shea ended up with the idea that she would send him a recipe and he would try to cook it, documenting his efforts via the gift of video.

In the meantime, she and I decided to do the same -- partly as a visual guide for Shea in his efforts, and partly because I like shooting and editing video. Our finished vid is posted here, as regular readers will know.

But now, Shea and Avid Andy have shot their own version of the same dish. Go and check it out by clicking here, please. It's very funny and well worth a few minutes of your time.

Thanks for being such good sports, Andy and Shea, and we look forward to hearing what challenge you set for us next...

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Blogger tweetey30 said...

At first it looked like he was going to mess it up. Red's had more of a red to it from the tomatoes though i noticed though. looks yummie. Could you have her e-mail me the instructions on this one. i would like to try it but i am not video taping mine..

09 May, 2008 13:47  
Blogger furiousBall said...

he did fine!

09 May, 2008 15:03  
Blogger Say It said...

Off to check it out. Sounds like fun for all. and full bellies. :)

11 May, 2008 21:14  

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