Monday, May 05, 2008

Should the missus and I start a YouTube cookery channel?

Feeling peckish?

Here's our first attempt at shooting a recipe on the fly. Enjoy!

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Blogger Captain Karen said...

Mmmm. Looks delicious. Now if only I liked seafood... Best lines ever: "Shred it baby" and "Whoaaa Momma". Too funny. I love the commentary. Red's accent is so beautiful - a lovely mix of her native Italian and her adopted English. Delightful! And the way she says "pasta" and "tomato" (fyi *A...either is correct!)...bellisima! I could listen to the two of you all day!

05 May, 2008 14:55  
Blogger Underground Baker said...

I am now opening my pasta packages a la red!

05 May, 2008 19:39  
Blogger Say It said...

I love it. I'm making it later this week. Only you won't find my attempt on youtube nor would you find any little helpers. I find it adorable how you two repeat each other.

05 May, 2008 21:39  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

I wasnt going to comment tonight buty yes i love listening to both of you talk. i like your accents.. that does look delicious. i dont care for sea food either but it still looks good,

06 May, 2008 04:12  
Blogger Milla said...

Did I hear in the video 'we are on a diet...'? Jeez, if diets were all this delicious, they would't fail on me...

06 May, 2008 10:39  
Anonymous Franki said...

First, I love your sexy accents. Second, I love the translations to American for us hokeys.

AND, it looks delicious. I will try this for my family.

More! More!

P.S. And no Word Veri?! I Yuv You.

06 May, 2008 13:48  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

That was a hoot, I too like how Red opened the (evil) pasta package snazzy!

What a lot of fun to watch and a real treat hearing your voices.

Next? Faces!

06 May, 2008 17:37  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

looks delicious!

and i'm SO excited to hear your voices! red... i LOVE your accent! american accents are so boring.

06 May, 2008 19:28  
Blogger Gardenia said...

Looks wonderful - and yes, definitely we need a syndicated series of these cooking shows.....Red, what elegant pretty hands you have.

08 May, 2008 04:48  
Blogger Manic Street Preacher said...


keyboard all soggy with dribble....

08 May, 2008 16:41  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Thanks for all the kind comments, ladies and gent. And those of you commenting about sexy accents and all that, yeah, that's how we roll over here in north Kent.

We'll do some more. I have one in mind, and Shea is going to set us a challenge too, so watch this space!

08 May, 2008 19:04  
Blogger RC said...

looks like a fun time!

08 May, 2008 23:21  
Blogger Avid Andy said...

it was delicious....

09 May, 2008 04:58  
Blogger cappy. said...

sainsbury's? how very dare you?!!

shrimp? skillett? toemaytos?

in english please? lol!

i see a new trend starting.

should i do yorkshire puddings? nd a barnsley chop?

13 May, 2008 11:17  
Blogger cappy. said...

p.s. your suggestion for a wine accompniment please?

13 May, 2008 11:22  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

See if you can find a Verdicchio (pronounced Vair-deek-key-oh). Failing that, it'll go nicely with a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, too.

13 May, 2008 11:30  
Blogger Red said...

Or a lovely Vermentino!

13 May, 2008 14:32  
Blogger martha's dad said...

My mouth was watering. I love shrimp. We make a similar dish with portobello mushrooms, or bits of leftover steak, and add in some marinated artichoke hearts.

My brother is the sound engineer for the show "Good Eats" on the Food Network here in the US. If you ever watch it, he wrote and played the theme song as well.

14 May, 2008 05:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved that, it was fun to watch. Sometimes I get to go out prawning or crabbing. Fresh seafood yummmmm.

15 May, 2008 04:23  

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