Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I bought a diary

I rarely use a diary. I mean, an appointments type of diary, not like a journal/blog type of diary. I bought one last year and never used it. But this year is already looking to be busy, and I'm already getting confused about what's happening when. And that's before starting to schedule in work.

I've mentioned before that there are a couple of things on the horizon: my new nephew's christening; my mother-in-law's birthday trip (the wife and I are taking her away); about ten tattoo sessions (I have booked three 3-hour slots already); hopefully at least a couple of weekend breaks and a proper-length holiday... Y'see, it all starts to mount up.

And now I'm also having to pencil in some periodontist time. Not content with all the dentist trips at the end of last year, it seems that I now have to do a bunch this year, too. So that's something else to schedule in.

So I bought a diary. I've filled in some of the dates I already know, and I guess I'll add in others as I go along. I don't make resolutions of the new year type, but maybe this is something I will try to stick to.


But for now there's only one thing to occupy my mind:
it's Red's birthday today!!!
So we are trying to burn through our workload ASAP and then take the rest of the day off. Then tonight I'm taking her out to dinner at the poshest restaurant in the area. It's Michelin-starred and we've been there before, so we know it's great.

Shame the weather is so damn schifo today, y'know. It's really made the missus think back to the wonderfully sunny days we had this time last year in the delightful Seville. I'm thinking we should go there for her birthday every year...


On the subject of dentists, these are currently my favourite lyrics.

Take these teeth
All they do is fucking cause me grief
They ain't working for me
I can't even think.
When the lights go on
I grip this chair
I don't feel so strong
Anything could happen, it could all go wrong.
All those wasted nights
All the times when I lost the fights
Are right before my fucking eyes in print.
The figure on this fucking page
Has wiped the smile right off my face:
Eight hundred pounds is a lot to pay when you're skint.

Take these teeth
Just for a second I need some fucking relief
They're keeping me awake and I can't sleep.
Can you drain the blood?
I've swallowed so much I think I want to throw up.

Can't you see that I've had enough?
Can you drain the blood from my fucking mouth?

"I Promise This Won't Hurt", Gallows

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Blogger cappy. said...

happy birthday red!!!

yay for me, first time i'm first. cutting it short before some other bugger gets in before me!

15 January, 2008 11:09  
Blogger cappy. said...

ah, the gallows....still undecided.
3X3 hour tattoo sessions? and 7 more after that? you must be paying yourself far too much! i still haven't got around to affording mine yet!
only thing in my diary is a trip to the hospital to see whats happening about my next op.
oh and finding a space thats mutual to myself and dinners for another (full this time) weekend of debauchary!
what varied lives we live!

i was first! ner ner!

15 January, 2008 11:13  
Blogger Red said...

Thanks, Cappy!

15 January, 2008 11:32  
Blogger Cynnie said...

here's the teeth stuff..
use mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide mix with a bit of water..
rinse your teeth every night with this.
if you ever can get a water pik..use this mixture in it once a week.

it helps i swear!

and brush with a soft toothbrush and floss regularly.

I'm gonna celebrate reds bday!..
I'm gonna take myself to a movie tonight in her honor

15 January, 2008 13:09  
Blogger furiousBall said...

Happy Birthday Red! I need to check out that band, I dig those lyrics as well.

15 January, 2008 14:33  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Cappy: Wa-hey for being first! Not really paying myself too much. Cashed in an endowment policy that I'd been using as a kind of savings account and thought I'd treat myself, y'know?

Red: Hello there!

Cynnie: I've been meaning to drop you a line to find out about waterpiks. I may well be buying one soon... (finally).

F/ball: It's tough going, trying to sing along, though!

15 January, 2008 15:45  
Blogger _z. said...

happy birthday to red!

Tell me if keeping schedules and writing stuff is going to last. I am anxious to know. do you know how many times I have tried to keep a diary?

15 January, 2008 15:55  
Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

I know I'd be lost without my agenda book AND my calendar. I have a terrible short-term memory problem so I write EVERYTHING down.

Have a lovely dinner!

15 January, 2008 16:23  
Blogger Glamourpuss said...

What a good husband you are - well done.

I couldn't function without a diary - really, it's so much less stressful than trying to remember things.

Happy Birthday, wife!


15 January, 2008 17:01  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

I lost my comment. Oh well. Anyway Happy b-day red.. I wasnt paying attention when I read yours this morning.

On another note. I dont use those planners but do use calanders. I usualy have it filled by the end of the year.

15 January, 2008 17:29  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

i'm like puss... i couldn't survive the year without my planner. it stays in my purse and goes with me wherever i go.

hope you and red do it up right today! ... despite the weather :)

15 January, 2008 17:46  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

My feeling is...if I need an agenda then I'm too busy! Ha...no it is needed sometimes to keep track. For film...someone organizing a scehdule is absolute.

I use a calendar...this year we have ana stronomy calendar right beside the computer...and we mostly use it to keep track of bills...how boring huh?

Hope you have a fun birthday celebration!

15 January, 2008 18:05  
Blogger martinobhoy said...

Buon compleanno to Red - Have a great night.

I've never used a diary but have come to rely more and more on a wall calendar with enough space to put notes against each date.

15 January, 2008 18:53  
Blogger Milla said...

I have a paper diary at work, plus the Outlook diary. I have a paper diary at home too, a proper diary, and the blog. Plus, 100 bits of papers and post it notes everywhere with dates and phone numbers etc etc.
Maybe my life needs a secretary?

I wrote to red yesterday. She is 24!! Oooops sorry Red!

Good luck at the butcher's.

16 January, 2008 10:12  
Blogger Sheamus the... said...

Yeah...i kept a diary everyday for 7 years until in college my roommate would keep reading it.

16 January, 2008 18:07  
Blogger Gardenia said...

The teeth thing sounds like a horror movie. I am sorry - that kind of pain is horrible.

I have started an hour by hour calendar/diary. Because I just know I am supposed to be disciplined this year. Gag. Anyway, glad to know someone else has been submitting to the discipline of time scheduling as well.....

18 January, 2008 04:02  

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