Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Free stuff

Don't you just love free stuff? Maybe people who come from wealthy backgrounds don't, but those of us who grew up in modest or poor families love it. It's stuff... that's free. I mean, how can you go wrong?

My latest free thing is the above. A Just Married bumper sticker that is a promotional tool for the latest Chuck Palahniuk book, Rant (which, by the way, I am reading and enjoying and considering a return to form for one of my fave authors). I think it's cool looking. And it dropped through my letterbox just a few days ago, all the way from New York City.

But it got me thinking...

The folks at Doubleday books must know that if they offer this sort of thing to Chuck fans, many many of them will never see the light of day, surely? I mean, this ain't going on no car of mine. This will stay in a hardbacked envelope in a box, probably, along with all the other junk that I consider "collectible".

But what's even more mysterious in this case is the way in which this freebie was offered. I just had to go to the official Rant book website and click on the black widow spider. A message pops up telling you how to enter a competition. Okay... But to get the sticker, all that was required was to e-mail Doubleday and tell them what message came up when I clicked the spider -- i.e., tell them that a message came up informing users of a competition. Um, how odd is that?

Indeed, it's so odd that for a short time users on the forums at Chuck's official website seemed almost to consider it an urban myth. But it's true. And it worked.

So, do you like free stuff? What's your favourite free thing right now? Not gifts, though. That's a different ball game. And is there a weird tale behind it? Come now, don't be shy.

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Blogger Glamourpuss said...

As a marketer, trust me when I say, that's not odd at all; it's canny and it's called knowing your audience.


14 June, 2007 10:21  
Blogger lightupvirginmary said...

i would put that on my car if I had one. I used to have the best bumper sticker that said 'I only break for morrissey' on the back of my Skoda hahaha. My ex boyfriend was a fan of taking me to the tip and rummaging in skips hahaha. His catchphrase was 'if it's free, it's for me!'
As a result, I LOVE freebies, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE pound shops. I'm addicted to the 99p shop.

14 June, 2007 10:35  
Blogger Shep said...

I get those free proofs all the time, which is, of course, nice. But some of the marketing stuff is plain weird. Sure badges and t-shirts are fine, but with one proof there was a free ladies' thong...

(it was very tight. Apparently.)

14 June, 2007 11:10  
Blogger Milla said...

I never get anything free. I work in academia.

14 June, 2007 13:30  
Blogger furiousBall said...

I finished reading Rant a month ago (after seeing you reading it on your blog actually) and loved it. This is sweet. I've got a few free things I've held on to. But none as cool as the bumper sticker

14 June, 2007 15:16  
Blogger Sheamus the... said...

first of all I want to start reading Chucks stuff...
I love free T-shirts. I love them. Especially obviously if they are cool t-shirts. I also like making cool T shirts and giving them away.

14 June, 2007 15:20  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

i love free stuff!! how could you not?

i get loads of free stuff from my job because we basically write promotional magazines for all these companies... so they give us various products to try out so we can portray them more honestly (i guess). for the most part, i've gotten some pretty cool stuff.

but i love even more, free stuff that i am actually interested in. like a bumper sticker from one of your favorite authors... that's awesome.

14 June, 2007 15:50  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

p.s. shea... you can make me a t-shirt any time. i can make you a mixed CD (that's what i do)

14 June, 2007 15:50  
Blogger Red said...

I'll have a cool Shea T too, please!

14 June, 2007 16:45  
Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

There are always free condoms at my local health unit.

14 June, 2007 17:40  
Blogger The Anti Crapitalist said...

Cheers. I love Chuck Palahniuk and didn't realise this was out (quick click on to Amazon).

14 June, 2007 20:24  
Blogger Will said...

Since I started TV reviewing, I've started to find it surprisingly easy to get hold of free TV shows on DVD. Before they're on!

I'm trying to persuade my boss that we should start reviewing TV boxsets...

14 June, 2007 22:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get free advice all the time.

15 June, 2007 12:52  
Blogger Cynnie said...

I love free stuff!..
when i was a kid i use to send off for all kinds of sample stuff..
i'd get denture cream and face creams ..
i LOVED it !!

15 June, 2007 15:50  
Blogger Biddie said...

I like just about anything that is free. If it's free, I love it. Period.

15 June, 2007 18:02  

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