Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Manon Des Sources: a triptych of updates

Carrying on from this post, here are the results of my survey of local video-rental stores.

This was our first port of call. We went in in person, so the impact is not so much fun. One can't be quite so unforthcoming in person as perhaps is possible on the phone.
"Hello! Do you have a copy of Manon Des Sources?"
"Man on...?"
"Manon Des Sources."
She types. I clearly see her type "man" then hit the space bar. I helpfully offer that it's "Manon, one word".
She retypes and tells me that they don't have a copy but that there are three copies in the county of Kent and she can order one in. It might take up to 14 days.
We place our order, pay the 25p reservation fee (bless!), and take our leave.

"Hello! Do you have a copy of Manon Des Sources?"
"Man on the Sauce?" the shop girl replies, half-laughing.
"No, Manon Des Sources."
"Umm, hold on..." She disappears. I hear her talking to another clerk. I wait...
And she returns. "Is it one word?"
"No, it's three."
"And it's Man...?"
"No, Manon. M-A-N-O-N."
"Oh. Hold on." She disappears for a few seconds. Then: "No, we've never stocked it. It's a world-cinema title. Try the library. Or Canterbury."
I thank her and hang up.

"Hello! Do you have a copy of Manon Des Sources?"
"A copy of what, sorry?"
"Manon Des Sources?"
"Hold on..." She disappears. Then: "Man on...?"
"Manon Des Sources."
"Manon Des Sources."
She tippy-tappies into her keyboard.
"We haven't, I'm afraid. It is in our new campaign, though, so we might get some in."
I thank her and hang up.

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Blogger Red said...

Ah, Canterbury. When in doubt, always try Canterbury. They have shops there, you know? And people what speak foreign.

28 March, 2007 12:51  
Blogger Tanya said...

It played out pretty much as you thought it would. A career as psychic advisor is on the cards, then?

28 March, 2007 13:07  
Blogger _z. said...

haha, hilarious.

I got to say my friend, and just to give these ppl a break... it could also be the way you pronounce it. I am sorry to say, but an english person saying Manon, could be easily understood as "man on" (no offence).

And as I said in my comment on your previous post, I think it would also make a difference if you started by saying: "do you carry the FRENCH MOVIE manon des sources".


but then it won't be much fun...
good luck on your search!

28 March, 2007 13:14  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Red: Canterbury is like Oz or something. There's a yellow brick road that leads there. They call it "A2". It's lovely.

T: Yes, it seemed so obvious, though.

_z.: You're right, I was looking to be facetious and provide myself with a little light entertainment. BUT if I had tried making it sound a bit more French when I pronounced it, they would have simply put the phone down on me, thinking I was some random foreign-speaking nutter who'd got the wrong number or who was taking the piss!

28 March, 2007 13:19  
Blogger Glamourpuss said...

I paid my 25p to Kent libraries to reserve a copy of Jenna Jameson's autobiography and four months later, I was still waiting for the book to make its way from Dartford...

Don't hold your breath is all I'm saying.


28 March, 2007 14:21  
Blogger Odat said...

Man o man!!!

28 March, 2007 14:53  
Blogger Lee said...

I really want to see "Man on Sauce."

28 March, 2007 16:34  
Blogger ginkers said...

One of my favourite stories was of a slightly pretentious person regaling us of her passion for French cinema. "I simply love La Confidential," she said with a dodgy gallic accent. One presumes she had never actually seen L.A. Confidential...

28 March, 2007 16:36  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

G/puss: Ours has been quite reliable on the odd occasion we've had to do this, so my hopes are still high!

Odat: Indeed!

Lee: It's Man on THE Sauce, actually. In the UK, that would imply a man who is a bit drunk. Not sure if you guys use that phrase in the US.

Ginkers: I love that story. Parfait!

28 March, 2007 16:44  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

I had man on sauce last night. Poor Bill is a riot when he's been drinking!

28 March, 2007 16:59  
Blogger cappy said...

see, not patronising. just a genuine customer with a genuine enquiry.
it's not your fault that these places are populated by the lowlife that can't get a job at McWhopper Fried Hut, because they are under-qualified!

28 March, 2007 18:46  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Olives: Drunken hubbies are funny. Or at least I like to think I am...

Cappy: It was a genuine enquiry, too, so I should be allowed to present it and expect it to be answered. If I had a video store,...

28 March, 2007 19:18  
Blogger Lee said...

Man on Sauce sounds a bit cannabalistic doesn't it now?

28 March, 2007 20:26  
Blogger ldbug said...

You know, all and all, it wasn't as bad as I would've thought...but then you are in the UK, probably more cultured peeps there;-)

28 March, 2007 20:45  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

That's great really funny. I thought England would have been all over the French films.

I just realized in this moment...I just didn't think it was gonna be a big deal because...duh...I'm from Canada. Now maybe in Alberta you might get that much trouble but most everywhere else. I bet most video stores have's easy to find.

28 March, 2007 21:02  
Blogger Gardenia said...

That's it - I am going to go look today. Will let you know.

29 March, 2007 14:43  
Blogger Karen said...

I heard that Candy!'re right.

So *A, are you going to tell us what these movies are about? Or do I have to actually go and look them up?

29 March, 2007 15:02  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Lee: I guess it does. Kinda. Maybe.

LDB: Oh yes, dear, we're all terribly cultured over here, y'know!

Candy: I guess you don't know that provinical England hates the French?

G: Be interesting to hear.

Karen: I'll do a dual review once we finally get our copy from the library, I promise!

30 March, 2007 18:43  

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