Monday, March 26, 2007

A French film diptych

Yesterday, Wife and I watched classic French film Jean de Florette, from way back in 1986.

It was the first time that either of us had seen it, and it was very pleasing.

At the end, though, we really wanted to watch the second part of the story, which is set some 20 years later and is called Manon Des Sources. We didn't want to wait the 17 months it was likely to take to wend its way through our online video rental service, though, so I decided to call our local video store.

"Hello," I said when the guy picked up the phone. "I just wondered whether you have a copy of Manon Des Sources."

Silence. Then: "Sorry, what was that name again?" he asked.

"Manon Des Sources," I repeated. Uncomfortable silence now.

Then: "Um, we've got Man on Fire, is that what you mean?"

Note: This blog post is meant for entertainment purposes only, and the story told herein may not have actually happened. In fact, it didn't. Only the bit about watching the film happened. The rest was a discussion between me and Wife about what might have happened if we had called the video store. Patronizing, aren't we? Sorry.


Blogger cappy said...

give em a ring, i'll bet you aren't far from the truth!
if it hasn't got hugh grant or julia roberts they tend not to have a clue. they didn't know about battle royale at our blockbusters for goodness sakes!
so patronising? no
just about to post a film review of my own! not as cultured as this though!

26 March, 2007 12:08  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Oh I love both Manon and Jean De Flourette what beautiful movies they are and I hope you track down Manon!

26 March, 2007 12:20  
Blogger mister anchovy said...

I agree with Candy...both are excellent, beautiful films.

26 March, 2007 12:40  
Blogger Tanya said...

but most likely accurate.

26 March, 2007 13:45  
Blogger Ron said...

I don't think Manon is out on dvd yet! It's been in my Netflix queue forever...

26 March, 2007 14:22  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

Likely scenario!

26 March, 2007 14:27  
Blogger Sheamus the... said...

I love french films...
I wish you wouldnt have said that that really didnt happen. I was thinking you accidently called a video store in the US.

26 March, 2007 15:00  
Blogger _z. said...

hehe, well i think if you specified that it was french before you gave away the name, it would have been different.

i like your imagination though... i do that sometimes with my friends... we project on events...

26 March, 2007 15:29  
Blogger ldbug said...

See, now I'm wondering what would've really happened;-)

26 March, 2007 15:53  
Blogger Milla said...

Oh I'm sure your little piece of fiction is not that far from the truth... Try it, we might join you for a larf afterwards.

26 March, 2007 16:29  
Blogger Audible said...

Or maybe they thought you said "I'm On Fire" and you have to listen to Bruce Springsteen for the rest of the evening.

26 March, 2007 18:11  
Blogger Odat said...

Could you say that a little slower please? ;-)

27 March, 2007 03:49  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Cappy: I will call, as it happens. It's scary how few foreign films some of these stores stock...

Candy: I will get Manon, and then I'll review both together.

Mr A: Thank you. I'm looking forward to Manon.

T: No doubt...

27 March, 2007 17:04  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Ron: It's available here, but then I guess we are "in Europe", kinda.

Olives: Oh, I'm sure it'll happen. I'll update soon.

Shea: I almost didn't own up, but I don't wanna get a rep as a lying-ass liar, y'know?

27 March, 2007 17:06  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

_z.: You're right that I could be more forthcoming, but that's no fun! When I call, I will be as unhelpful as possible, for maximum comic effect.

LDB: I'll keep you posted.

Milla: I know it'll happen!

27 March, 2007 17:07  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Audible: I think that would be even worse than having to watch Man On Fire again...

Odat: I'll saaaaay iiiiit reeeeeal sloooooow wheeeeeen I caaaaaaaal themmmmmmmm.

27 March, 2007 17:08  

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