Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Ant Invasion continues...

In his post of yesterday, my blogmate The Cappuccino Kid writes "wear your badges with pride! and once in a while carry an old album around. i bet someone will strike up a conversation! you never know, you may just make a new friend!"

ant jacket back

ant jacket front

Here are some pics of the jacket I wore almost non-stop for three or four years at least (1989 to 1992), and then on occasion even after that. I had it on the day I trekked up to Birmingham to get my first tattoo in 1989, and someone did indeed come up to me and start chatting. An Adam Ant fan himself -- a big one. When I got my jacket signed by Adam in London in 1993, this lad was there at the signing too, and he mailed me photos that he had taken of me getting the jacket signed. What a nice chap. David was his name.

A Positive Pessimist also expressed interest in seeing pics of this jacket in her comment here a couple of months back, so here you go...

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Blogger Tanya said...

Fab jacket!

20 September, 2006 11:44  
Blogger apositivepessimist said...

yeoow...ahh what could be better than wearing yer favourite jacket to get yer first tatt.

it's certainly bloody eye catching isn't it. coolbeans.

20 September, 2006 13:01  
Blogger Karen said...

You are too cool for school.

20 September, 2006 13:35  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Do not wear in the street or I'll mug yer!!!! Magnificent

20 September, 2006 15:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing personal..but I have never thought of you as a sexual being..
Now I am..
Damn boy!..lucky red!


20 September, 2006 16:23  
Anonymous the cappuccino kid. said...

now thats exactly what i am talking about!
wouldn't have got that if you had bought a orange rubber jacket for your i-pod would you?
loving it!

20 September, 2006 17:09  
Blogger martinobhoy said...


There was an interview with Adam Ant published in the Sunday Herald in Scotland last weekend if you are interested.

20 September, 2006 18:33  
Blogger Gentleman-hobbs said...

ah yes, they mock the 80s fashion and music now yet they have no original tunes of note. As rick from the young ones said "the only reason they don't like our music is because they don't understand it."

20 September, 2006 22:12  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

nice jacket!

too awesome that he signed it! you should wear that all the time... i bet red LOVES it

21 September, 2006 07:31  
Anonymous the cappuccino kid. said...


1, did it come like that when you bought it?
2, if so, where did you get it?
3, if not, who did it?
4, how much?

thats all.

21 September, 2006 08:48  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Tanya: Thanks. I still think it's pretty cool, too.

APP: It is eyecatching. Many people would come up and chat about the Ants.

Karen: Yes I am!

4D: I'll be sure to keep it well covered when you're about then!

Cyn: No offence taken... I think.

21 September, 2006 09:33  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Cappy 1: I think the orange iPod cover would certainly not have the same effect. Cheer, man.

Martino: Thanks for the link. There's a whole heap of interviews doing the rounds right now. It's hard to keep on top of them.

G-Hobbs: Or as Adam said: "You may not like it now but you will."

Martha: Yeah, it was cool that he signed it. Red likes the back, for the artwork, but she's no Antfan.

Cappy 2:
1&2. No, it was a plain leather jacket.
3. My dad painted the Ant Warrior logo on the back. I did the rest.
4. Just the cost of paints, paintbrushes, and badges.

21 September, 2006 09:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wohoo! bargain.

21 September, 2006 10:42  
Blogger Suze said...

I don't think I could fit in to some of my old rock chick clothes now. What you have there is a bit of history and I bet you wouldn't part with it for anything. Except for a large amount of cash. LOL

21 September, 2006 20:16  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Cappy: Yes sir. I think the jacket itself cost me £70.

Suze: This jacket fits me so much better now than it ever did. Guess it must've shrunk or something... Funny, I did consider putting it on eBay once. But I don't think I could go through with it. Like you say, a piece of history.

22 September, 2006 07:46  

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