Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Birthday girls and payment fascists

It's one of those times... those times when I'm too busy to post much or to get around and visit many blogpals. Those of you who check in at Such As They Are will notice my daily posts there have dried up for a wee while too. Time, time, time...

My workload... our workload, really, since the wife and I help each other with projects as the need arises... is like that. You can be doing very little for a few weeks, even months, and then suddenly you're snapped into 12-hour days and considering doing after-dinner shifts too.

"Can't complain" is our mantra at such times. "It's all money towards the mortgage." And it's true, we can't complain; it's all money towards the mortgage.

But some people don't pay on time. Some people take the piss when it comes to paying. I'm currently chasing an invoice for work we did in mid-November. It's annoying. Especially so because we are expected to continue delivering work on time for the same client. Gets my goat.


But I'm trying to find time to play my Scrabulous moves, and mostly I'm keeping on top of that!

And I'm even getting birthday packages sent out on time. Today it's my niece's 10th birthday. Double figures at last! You remember hitting double figures, what a momentous birthday occasion that is? I bet she's super-psyched today.

I had the Devil's own time trying to find her the one gift she really wanted. Not to mention having to embarrass myself at three different shops: HMV, Zavvi, and WH Smith. What was it she wanted? The Pop Party 5 CD. I still couldn't get it. Prices ranged from £8 to £16 within just a few metres of each other, but the £8 shops were out of stock, and I sure as hell wasn't going to pay £16. Anyway, long story short, Zavvi ordered it for me at the £8 price, but who knows when she'll get it in the mail...?

Still, in the meantime she's got a T-shirt, a Dirty Dancing CD, and some badges to keep her happy.

Anyway, I dunno what else to write so I'm off to do some work. Ta-ra for now, amigos.

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Blogger Milla said...

Ohh it's so funny. Whenever WE have some extra money in the house (doesn't happen too often) I also think (note: *think*): extra payment on the mortgage!! But then the thought vanishes and I buy plane tickets instead.

19 February, 2008 10:48  
Blogger furiousBall said...

what's this extra money thing... *shakes head* *twitches*


19 February, 2008 14:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there really such a thing as extra money?

Of course neice is going to love her stuff. 10 is a great year. As a parent though, sometimes I forget how crazy thier little lives are and how exciting certain times are for them. Maybe thats why kids are blessed with Aunts and Uncles?!

19 February, 2008 15:31  
Blogger Milla said...

Oh I think 'extra' money is possible to have: when for example you find out that last month for your groceries you spent £250 inteas of the usual £300: that's £50 extra for your own pokets.

19 February, 2008 16:14  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

yeah... extra money is a foreign concept for me, too.

hope your business slows soon so we can read more of your brilliant wit and rants :)

19 February, 2008 17:00  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

Working from home has some advantages then from what i am reading. Well take your time and we will see you when you resurface for a breather.

19 February, 2008 17:16  
Blogger martinobhoy said...

I suppose it is the big advantage of working for a big company. You know exactly what is coming in every month and dont have to chase it.

If you're still having problems with getting your money I could always send the boys round :o)

19 February, 2008 19:28  
Blogger Avid Andy said...

i feel your pain. i am trying to get paid for something i did at the beginning of december

20 February, 2008 12:40  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

In 20 years we never missed a mortgage payment. We've missed two in 6 months. I need to rob a bank.

21 February, 2008 13:11  
Blogger Gardenia said...

Dirty Dancing and Pop Party - I bet you were embarrassed.

24 February, 2008 23:47  

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