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I am well aware that I can get carried away with my holiday blog posts, and while they are interesting to some for a couple of days, I can fully understand why comments drop off after post #4 and I still haven't finished Day One. Sorry guys, but I guess it's at times like this that we bloggers fully realize two contradictory things:

1. I blog for myself and want to put stuff up that is a reminder for me of stuff I enjoyed; BUT

2. Damn if I don't like getting comments, and so I have to please those peeps who show me the kindness of popping by.

Catch-22, right?

Anyways, so I'm up to my eyes in work right now, and haven't got time to do much vacaysh blogging or otherwise (especially since it takes a wee while to edit those clips [yes, they are edited!] and throw them on YouTube etc).

But I just wanted to say "hey".

Plus, man, my tooth is giving me some gip. I've got a fucking great swollen bit or maybe ulcer right next to where I had that root canal a couple weeks back, and it's getting on my tits.

Also, just two more days till my next trip to the tattooist, and I'm very excited about that. Three hours of needle time, yeeeaaaahhh!

But I'll end on the teddy bear Muhammad. So, the English teacher who was imprisoned in Sudan for allowing her young students to name a teddy bear Muhammad has been freed and is now back home, after spending eight days in a Sudanese prison.

The Sudanese people (or at least the militants among them) wanted her shot by firing squad!

I say, call your bears whatever the fuck you like, but don't be a dummy and not understand the laws of the land where you are working/teaching. Especially in these uncertain times when misinterpretation of Islam appears to make it an insult to the religion to name a fucking teddy bear after the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Personally I think it's a ridiculous crock of shit, of course. But she should have put her brain in gear and asked herself, "Would I call this bear Jesus or Moses or Abraham if I were in England?" Chances are, she probably wouldn't, so why not apply the same logic in a Muslim country. Silly old cunt.

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Blogger Red said...

What's wrong with Moses? I think it's a beautiful name for a teddy bear, a puppy, a naughty tabby or a temperamental car that won't start on a cold morning. At the end of the day, these are just names and in this country we are allowed to call stuff whatever we want. In Latin America Jesus is a perfectly normal name for boys and men, and no doubt the odd teddy bear, but people don't lose their head (pun intended) over it all.

Still, I agree that she should have known better and not gone to bleeding Sudan in teh first place.

04 December, 2007 16:27  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

Like Red I dont see the harm in naming a Teddy Bear but if you dont know the laws dont do it. Learn the laws first then go bear naming. LOL.. And I love seeing your Weekends. They are great and they make me really want to get my passport next year and go visiting.

04 December, 2007 17:34  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

i agree with you and with red. it's ridiculous. if i knew a teacher or a child or anyone really who named their teddy bear Jesus, it wouldn't bother me in the least as red said... it's just a name. when i got off the boat in peru all the children came running at us shouting their names. then one kid shouted above all the rest... "My name is JESUS!" haha... we loved it. he had learned that american's pronounced it gee-sus instead of hay-soos... seriously so awesome.

anyway... that was just a funny story. i feel bad for that woman becuase her treatment was insane. but you're right, *... she should have known better. i don't know much and even I know that was a stupid move and would never have allowed it.

04 December, 2007 17:38  
Blogger furiousBall said...

two things :

#1 getting on my tits is the greatest phrase, i'm going to try and use it at work as soon as possible

#2 i'm naming a teddy bear asterisk, consequences be damned

04 December, 2007 18:17  
Blogger Biddie said...

Personally, I think that her(the teacher in Sudan) 1st, and biggest mistake was going over there to begin with.
I am not for trashing anyones beliefs or religion, but come on? A firing squad? Gimme a brak.

04 December, 2007 19:48  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

I think she was way out of lineletting the kids name a bear something that wouldbe seen a s ahuge insult.

Salman Rushdie knew exaclty what he was doing when he wrote that novel.

the pint isn't whether the death sentence is out of boundsor not...it's understanding the transgression.

Disrespecting that naming a toy or idol after a god...in some areas is like a "spiritual treason".

It's a treason to the spiritual world.

There is a band in Canada called "Tit Fuck Me Jesus". I have one of their posters on my fridge.

Am I really going to go to Utah or Baton Rouge or the Bible Belt and flaunt this band or poster?

If I did I know what wrath there would be in areas that practice Fundamental Christianity.

04 December, 2007 21:55  
Blogger Avid Andy said...

she was trying to teach them about democracy by letting them vote on the bears name. there is a kid in her class named muhammad. i don't see the difference. i'm really surprised by some peoples reasoning of it all. they want to kill her over the name of a teddy bear? that SHOULD be nuts in any culture. call me intolerent or racist if you want.

And I dont think anyone in the Bible Belt would kill anyone over a poster...but run if anyone asks "you ain't from around these parts are ya?"

05 December, 2007 02:19  
Blogger Karen said...

I hope your tooth feels better soon. that's the worst.

05 December, 2007 03:08  
Blogger Avid Andy said...

oh yeah...everyone got sidetracked with the teddy bear. i hope your tooth stops hurting too. or just yank it out. and i like your vacation posts. i can travel vicariously through you.

05 December, 2007 06:35  
Blogger Ron said...

And all those in Paris who are doing far worse than misnaming a teddy bear by not really grasping our culture and just burning cars and other such nonsense? Are you saying it's ok for us to flog them over it? I see...

05 December, 2007 07:35  
Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Hmmm, personally, I think the whole thing was politically motivated. She didn't name the bear, the children did. She wrote to the parents asking if they had any objections. And yet, she was blamed for the transgression. Yes, she was clearly ignorant about Islamic practices, but in a country riven by religious differences, I do not think this was anything other than a scapegoating.


05 December, 2007 10:54  
Blogger Milla said...

As I have always said, if NOT going to the dentist is bad for you, going to the dentist is WORSE.
In bocca al lupo con il dentino!!

I don't hold much of an opinion about this teacher, only that I am not surprised this has happened since she looks a bit...thick, and she went to Sudan. I mean, SUDAN.

05 December, 2007 10:56  
Anonymous Franki said...

people need to lighten the fuck up. they named a sweet toy, not a steaming pile-o-shite for god's sakes.

hope yer tooth feels better soon. nothin like a gnawin constant pain to (get you on yer tits??

05 December, 2007 13:16  
Blogger martinobhoy said...

Catch 22 right enough. I think you have to remember that even if we're not commenting we're still reading and enjoying the account of the holiday.

05 December, 2007 18:47  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

p.s. i'd like to add that i hope your tooth feels better. few things are more painful and downright aggravating than a sore tooth :(

05 December, 2007 21:39  
Blogger My Reflecting Pool said...

owie on the tooth. And whoopie! on the tat!

Growing up, nothing seemed sacred, so I have no concept of killing over a name. It seems very silly.

05 December, 2007 23:58  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Interesting to see all the perspectives on the naming of the bear.

Try to imagine it this way...there are laws, like treason laws in place in the country that has no line of separation between state and church.

It may not be the ay we thinkin England or America...but it is very spiritual or how shall I say...

...naming a god to a toy and an animal isalmost a double insult.

If some one broke one of our laws that had a capital punishment associated with it...you would be outraged too.

It's a very different philosophy. It's up to the individual country to fullfill or change their laws.

A toy would be an insult to associate with god. And an animal in many religions would be an insult to associate with god.

We already know that in England and America such a devotion toreligion and the blurring of church and state is not the practice.

But not everywhere is run by America or Britain you know?

It might seem like it but other countries have other beliefs.

Underestimating the importance of god to such a country like Sudan is the real act of stupidity.

06 December, 2007 05:21  
Blogger Gardenia said...

Sounds like your tooth may have abcessed on you. Better call the dentist.

I'm not tired of your vacation - the posts were wonderful - and believe me, if I go overseas again - well, guess where I'd be going?

Bloggers seem to go in spurts - today I couldn't think of anything much to blog - and yes, the blog is also sort of my dairy as well. I heard on the news that a new blog is started every 30 seconds. Interesting!

Take care -

06 December, 2007 14:46  
Blogger Sewmouse said...

Candy Minx? If I may be just a bit technical here? Mohammed (pbuh) is NOT a God in Islam. The Muslim religion only recognizes one God - Allah. "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his PROPHET" is one of their declarations of faith.

What is sadly overlooked in our desire to castigate ourselves for being "insensitive to other cultures" is that it is highly insensitive to assume these people are correct - they are not.

Mohammed's teachings prohibit the worship of ANYONE/ANYTHING other than Allah. Even Mohammed (pbuh) himself.

As I've seen stated on many of the arabic blogs I read, this business with the bear is bringing out a point that MANY are recognizing - that a large number of Muslims are committing what I believe they call "Shirk" - idolatry, from what I gather - the worship of a person, not of Allah alone.

Perhaps this is the precursor to another religious split - Those who believe in only Allah, and those who believe in the divinity of Mohammed (pbuh). (hmmm... Jehovah/Jesus symmetry?)

Either way - one can have studied Islam all their lives and still not understand this obsession with glorifying one prophet over another.

Remember - the Moslems consider JESUS to be a prophet as well!!

06 December, 2007 15:43  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Latest news...

The Sudanese have issued a fatwa against The Care Bears...

The teddy in question was just sold on e-bay. It made the seller a prophet...


I'll get me coat...

07 December, 2007 19:37  

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