Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brighton Ink (after Red, 2007)

It's been a busy few days what with one thing and another. For us, work is a funny old thing. Working for ourselves (albeit for other people) from home means that we never know when we are going to be busy, and it can go from feeling like you are never going to work again to feeling like you are never going to stop working within a matter of hours. And my blogging suffers when I get too busy.

Notwithstanding, even though there was enough work to keep me home all weekend, once I heard of Old School Saturday at Magnum Opus Tattoo in Brighton, where they were offering "Old School tattoos at Old School prices" (that is, from £20, or US$40, + a £10 tip), I had to head down and see what could be done.

I was fairly sure there would be much demand, since Magnum Opus is Phil Kyle's new studio, and Phil Kyle was one of the artists featured on the TV show London Ink, so that made me feel like there was no point rushing to get there, cos there's sure to be a huge queue and I'll end up just wandering the streets of Brighton instead. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Finding Brighton was easy and took just an hour and 20 or so. Finding the shop was harder, since I'd neglected to print a map. It took at least another 45 minutes of driving around, but find it we did. By now the shop had been open almost an hour; any chance of getting inked was surely out the window.

As we approached the door, there was no visible queue. "Ah," I thought, "it's probably so busy that people have put their names on a list and headed off for a coffee while they wait." But no... amazingly enough there was only one person ahead of us. I was dumbstruck.

"Hi there. I've come to get an Old School tattoo at Old School prices," I announced to the guys behind the counter, and they whipped out a tiny sheet of flash from which to make my choice. True enough, these were some good Old School designs. As I mulled over what to have, the missus started suddenly to show some interest. You can read what happened to her here.

I was torn between three designs in particular, two of which were bladed weapons, and the other was a snake wrapped around a skull. Below is what I finally plumped for, and the ink was put in by Lynn Akura. I've also got some video footage of the both us getting tattooed, since the team there was very accommodating at my request.

I have never given so little thought to getting a tattoo before, and it was both liberating and exciting to be having a tattoo just for the fun of having one, rather than going through the rigmarole I usually do, thinking what to have, where to have, when to have, trying to get an appointment, etc, etc, etc. A fun day out for all the family!

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Blogger furiousBall said...

nice new one on ya.

this is a dopey american comment, but i really like the fact that you use the term queue instead of a line. it seems so much more correct and i also love that word.

20 November, 2007 16:13  
Blogger Milla said...

Oh this is very niiiiice! But you didn't say where you had it done on your body...Where? I can't figure it out from the picture (sorry, when I'm tired and stressed I get all confused by everything I see).

20 November, 2007 16:19  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

F/ball: Cheers to you! Not dopey at all. I almost wrote "line" at one point, aware that Americans tend to use that rather than "queue" (I'm nothing if not accommodating!), but I anticipated (wrongly) using the word "line" in a sentence about the tattoo and so didn't want to repeat it. Still, glad you like "queue". Maybe you'll like this, too:

Milla: Thank you. Sorry for the confusion, pet. It's on my right shoulder/back.

20 November, 2007 16:24  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

That is so cool. I will never get a tattoo but they are neat to look at. I think I mentioned before when my girls met our new neighbor down the street he scared them with his whole chest and stomach done. Yikes huh? That looked like it hurt though.

20 November, 2007 17:48  
Blogger _z. said...

okay this IS old school.
cool tattoo mate?
does it look good with the others you have had done?

20 November, 2007 18:03  
Blogger Karen said...

Nice :)

20 November, 2007 18:13  
Blogger Avid Andy said...

that's a great tatoo...

20 November, 2007 18:14  
Blogger Avid Andy said...

i think everyone should submit their tattoo pics to you for a blog ink art exhibit. i'd even run out and get one to contribute...

20 November, 2007 19:41  
Blogger Cynnie said...

i really like that tat...old school huh?

you spoiled youngsters..
try getting a tat by some drunken biker..

now thats old school

20 November, 2007 19:56  
Blogger Sheamus the... said...

i love the shading on the blade...sucka! I can't wait to get mine.

20 November, 2007 21:29  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

LOVE it!!

i want to get one spontaneously!! but i just can't go by myself. i feel like that would take all the fun out of it, and i don't have any friends who are into the tattoo thing here. damnit!

someday i'll have friends who don't just roll their eyes and love in spite of the stuff i like (haha... got a little deep there didn't... just talkin' about tattoos. i'm such a loser)

but seriously. i love it!

20 November, 2007 22:30  
Blogger tideliar said...

Wicked mate! I'm well jealous. It's been about a year since I was last done. I know what I want next, and I think I know who I want to do it, but it's gonna run me around $400-$500 and I don't have the money. I near ly got spontaneous flash when I was in San Diego just for the buzz :D

I agree with Avid Andy (above). You should host a tattoo comp!!

...y'know...fuck it. I reckon I'm get ink this weekend just for the shits of it.

21 November, 2007 00:05  
Blogger My Reflecting Pool said...

wow, you really did go old school. Very nice. You and Red are such romantics. Sigh.

21 November, 2007 00:38  
Blogger Krystal Dawn said...

very nice

21 November, 2007 00:45  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Tweetey: Never say never, right? It was actually the least painful tattoo I've ever had, but it is tiny, so...

_z.: Position was always going to be a tough decision, but it's in about the right place considering what I currently have and what I intend getting.

Karen: Thanks.

Andy: I'd happily host an exhibit here, so feel free to go get inked. Look forward to the pics!

21 November, 2007 06:43  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Cynnie: Yeah, there's a lot about old school that's probably best forgotten, right?

Shea: It's got some nice little details for such a tiny piece. Looking forward to yours, dude.

Martha: It sucks that you don't have some tattoo-loving buddies who could go with you. Hey, maybe that's another reason to move home? But I go on my own almost always. It's unfair to drag someone along if I'm going to be in there for three hours, I figure.

21 November, 2007 06:46  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Tidy: Yeah, go get some, bro... Just to feel the needle, the ink, the buzz! I dunno about a comp. I'm in no position to judge. But I would be up for an exhibition of inked blogmates over here if y'all wanna send some pics.

RefPo: Awww. It's the second time she's been tattooed, and both times we went together and videoed it, so I guess we are kinda romaaantic.

Krystal: Thank you.

21 November, 2007 06:49  
Blogger cappy. said...

mates just had his finished. i'll mail you a pic.
like this one! so simple!

21 November, 2007 10:02  
Blogger Milla said...

Ah thank you *Aste for telling me. it's a very good position, as if a dagger goes inside one part of the shoulder adn out of the other. A bit like a 'sacred heart', but for the shoulder. Veeeery nice.

21 November, 2007 10:54  
Blogger mister anchovy said...

not being up on tattoos in general, I wan't sure what 'old school designs' meant, but looking at both what you and Red chose, I think I understand. I think you both chose well!

21 November, 2007 12:46  
Anonymous Franki said...

you know what they say...the couple that gets tats together, gets tats together.

quite romantic!

21 November, 2007 12:50  
Blogger tweetey30 said...

I just read Candy Minx's blog and you said you would like an American Thanksgiving sometime. You are always welcome in my home and your beautiful red headed wife as I see in her photo also. LOl.. I dont do anything special besides turkey, cranberries, stuffing mashed pots, gravy, and pies. No need to get all the other stuff when its just the four of us usually.

21 November, 2007 17:31  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Charming! What a great story of the day out tats...I think it is so cool the store did that...London Ink...did you know Stagg has been addicted to both Miami Ink and now, LA Ink?

21 November, 2007 22:55  
Blogger Rehan Qayoom said...

Yours is good too. I might just visit this shop though I don't intend to get a tattoo, don't see why I ought to, just for myself, well that's a reason ... of sorts I suppose *LOL*

21 November, 2007 23:18  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

I'm off to Brighton

21 November, 2007 23:47  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Cappy: Cheers. I'll drop you a line back soon, I promise!

Milla: No wurriz, mate. I also have a sacred heart tattoo already...

Mr A: Yeah, it suddenly all becomes clear, I can imagine.

22 November, 2007 17:07  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Franki: That's exactly what they say, yep. In the States, too, huh? Wow...

Tweetey: Thank you, pet. Can't imagine when it might be, but appreciate the offer.

Candy: London Ink is getting shown on TLC (I think that's the right channel). I PM'd you on Facebook about it.

Rehan: Good a reason as any!

4D: Look forward to seeing the results!

22 November, 2007 17:09  
Blogger Gardenia said...

Hey, nice looking tattoo - nice color work! Is London Inc as big as our LA Inc and Miami Inc????

23 November, 2007 01:22  
Blogger Crankster said...

What a nice, old-fashioned design. Congrats!

23 November, 2007 20:05  

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