Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who’s the winner? I’m the winner, baby!

A couple or three weeks back, blogmate and fellow ninja Franki had a game of Guess over at this post. There was a prize on offer, and if there are two things I like, it's (a) showing what a smarty-pants I am and (b) winning stuff for showing what a smarty-pants I am.

Anyways, I looked at the pic and figured, Damn, someone musta already guessed it. But as I scrolled through the handful of comments before me, no one had got it right. I couldn't believe it. But they were common-or-garden conkers, surely to goodness? Maybe these things are not so well known in the U.S. of A., but here in the U. of K. we love that shit. We grow up on them, practically. Never a winter goes by when we don't get fucked-up knuckles from playing conkers as kids, baking them in the oven, soaking them in vinegar and thinking up myriad other ways to create a championship, beats-all-comers, hard motherfucker of a conker.

Anyways, short story long, I won. And yesterday I received my just rewards. Word to the wise, though, Franki: clearly sushi doesn't travel well, since they tasted a bit waxy. Thanks for the thought, though.

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Blogger Red said...

To the victor belong the spoils...

Well done, you! I might have to fight you over that ninja keyring, though.

24 October, 2007 18:16  
Anonymous Franki said...

I'm thinkin you should treat Red to a romantic sushi candlelit sushi dinner!


24 October, 2007 18:31  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Red: I think Boba Fett might fight me over it too!

Franki: We do love our sushi, that's for sure, but these are too good to burn. Thank you!

24 October, 2007 19:00  
Blogger Gardenia said...

I love the prizes! Congratulations as well!

24 October, 2007 21:12  
Blogger Avid Andy said...

you ate shipped sushi? i do like the ninja though...

24 October, 2007 22:50  
Blogger My Reflecting Pool said...

those are some pretty cool candles. Ninjas find the best stuff!

25 October, 2007 00:57  
Blogger Avid Andy said...

oh they are candles....i get it. doh!

25 October, 2007 04:16  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Gardenia: Thanks.

Andy: The ninja rocks. He looks just like me! (And RefPo beat me to the explanation of why the sushi tasted waxy.)

RefPo: No flies on you, baby! Ninjas are great hunters, I think.

Andy: Yup.

25 October, 2007 07:45  
Blogger Milla said...

Bravo! And that Ninja key ring is rather cute.

I've never understood why the English are so crazy for the castagne matte. Kids in my area play with them like crazy.

25 October, 2007 08:48  
Blogger Glamourpuss said...

The Ninja keyring is fab!


25 October, 2007 10:11  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Milla: Conkers is just another way in which English boys can compete to show how much better they are than their peers. Island nation, y'see!

G/puss: Rockin', ain't it?

25 October, 2007 10:45  
Blogger Karen said...

Ninjas and candles? That's the best prize ever! Wasn't there a Conkers world championship or something recently? I sent an article to another UK buddy a little while ago about it... Don't understand it personally. When we were kids, we used to play knuckles. Screw the nuts.

25 October, 2007 12:48  
Blogger _z. said...

Congrats mate...
cool prizes... me likes the ninja!

25 October, 2007 15:18  
Blogger furiousBall said...

that keychain is cool and the candles are neato too. i forgot to guess zebra penis on this week's contest. drats! congrats!

25 October, 2007 16:52  
Blogger tideliar said...

It was mad when I moved to Pennsylvania. You'd be knee deep in bloody conkers and no one had a clue what to do with them!

25 October, 2007 18:19  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Karen: It is, right? Conkers rocks. Shame you guys don't dig it.

_z.: Cheers, man. The ninja is proving popular.

F/ball: Best get back and have another stab at it!

Tidy: Long time, man... Those crazy Americans, huh?!

25 October, 2007 18:53  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

what great prizes!

i was confused about the sushi, too. if i hadn't read the rest of the comments, i probably would have said the same thing Z said (oh... andy... not _z).

but what awesome candles! and i love the little keyring :)

25 October, 2007 19:37  
Blogger Adam said...

Man - I love both of those nifty little treats you got!

Also, I am simply in love with the Grindhouse movies - definitely two of my favorite movies ever. I picked up both soundtracks, both DVDs and multiple theatrical one-sheets I plan on framing. Can't wait for the genuine "grindhouse collection" DVD that's going to come with the theatrical trailers and advertisements.

Have you ever seen The People Under the Stairs? That's a pretty ridiculous (probably really bad) horror movie, ha.

25 October, 2007 20:45  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Congratualtions. But I may be a stickler here...but didn't "the CEO" answer the question correctly first? They said chestnuts....I suppose the nickname conkers must have been the aim of the contest...but well...I don't want to start a war or anything, but I'm surprised the CEO didn't pipe in and say WHAT?

I knew they were chestnuts as game.

26 October, 2007 17:09  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Martha: Of course, I had aimed to mislead, but it's fun that they're candles. Though they're too cool to burn.

Adam: Thanks, man. Yeah, I'm holding out until the super-duper double bill hits DVD. (Just like I am with the Kill Bill films. Could be a long wait.)

Candy: Nah, you see, Lee wanted to be very specific, and chestnuts are little and edible, while horse chestnuts (conkers) are considerably bigger and not good for eating. Ergo, I win!

26 October, 2007 17:13  

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