Friday, August 10, 2007

Weren’t he a wizard or summink?

Everyone's on about Harry Potter right now, but I want to talk about another wizard: MIRLing.

Those of you who read my wife's blog will already know that this weekend we have our first MIRL (meeting in real life) lined up. We are heading over to the home of Milla and her man Zorro.

I'm kind of not surprised that Milla should be our first. We don't live that far apart; she's Italian and has spent half her life in the UK, just like Red; she laughs at some of my bad jokes...

And it got me thinking. Milla first came to this blog while looking for posts about New Model Army. And despite a couple of lyrics that I have posted, I have done only one post about New Model Army. But she found it and left a comment. I returned the courtesy, and we've been firm blogmates ever since.

I suppose as one MIRLs more and more often (and Martha seems to be becoming quite the expert), such meetings must become less daunting. I think, though, that Martha's friends fear for her life with every one! I can only imagine what they might say when she shows them my masked mug and says she's meeting up with me!

There are several people on my blogroll who I look forward to meeting someday. But I think we men are not very MIRLy. I mean in the way of arranging such things. Perhaps it's no coincidence that MIRL rhymes with girl. I don't even know what I'm on about any more.

Anyways... tomorrow is the day. Look out, Milzor, here we come! It's gonna be cool. And I promise not to groan when you put Pink Floyd on the hi-fi. (Actually, I've got my fingers crossed. I can't make such promises, sorry...)

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Blogger Glamourpuss said...

I was nervous before my first MIRL but it was fab - we just talked like old friends because we knew so much about each other from our blogs.

Good luck, but I'm sure you won't need it.


10 August, 2007 11:49  
Blogger Karen said...

I have to yet to have my first MIRL with a fellow blogger but it sounds exciting. Once, years ago, when I was young and stupid, I had an online relationship-y type thing with a fella in the US who came up to visit me. Despite our fabulous chemistry online and various promises he made...let's just say it ended with me in tears, him returning home early, and a newly cynical, anti-relationship Captain who learned her lesson the hard way.

10 August, 2007 12:04  
Blogger Sheamus the... said...

ha...good post. YEah...I already even talked to Martha on the phone...she is bringing worlds together.

10 August, 2007 13:25  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

G/puss: You're right that many of us "know" each other better than we do our real friends. Mental, innit?!

Karen: Ooh, I can see why you might have cold feet... But we're all grown-ups now, so it's okay, right?

Shea: Yeah, you've spoken to Martha?! That's cool, man!

10 August, 2007 16:10  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

wow... i feel sort of famous right now. it was so much fun talking to shea, and i'm' excited to meet him and the other east-coasters in the near future. seriously though... you'll have so much fun and you'll never go back! i can't wait to read about the after-experience.

and yeah, you're probably right. my friends will freak out when i tell them i'm going to europe to meet some blog pals. your masked visage will only raise the bar on their freak out... but i kind of think it's more fun that way. makes me feel all brave and stuff.

10 August, 2007 16:43  
Blogger Sheamus the... said...

You have been bitten by a zombie from Shea of the Dead and are roboticly forced to answer the tagging call at the specified location.

11 August, 2007 05:30  
Blogger Krystal Dawn said...

Martha is on the ball with MIRL. She wins so far and should post a blog about all her experiences and maybe even take charge in setting up a bloggers MIRL weekend for everyone!

Have fun meeting Milla

11 August, 2007 06:41  
Blogger Milla said...

ah ah! We won't have muzik since the stereo is in the front room and we will be at the back of the house. I can sing to you if you like...? The cat sings pretty well too, and plays the accordion.

I'll see you and Red and in a few hours. I wonder who is the most agitated about MIRLing today :)

11 August, 2007 10:34  
Blogger Milla said...

Oh yeah, I forgot. There will be olives to eat with every dish, even dessert.

11 August, 2007 10:38  
Blogger Red said...

Olivoli' olivola' olivoli' oliva Sacla'! Looking forward to them olives!

I don't know why I'm here checking out the blog when I really should plucking my eyebrows and dying my hair and choosing an outfit and...

11 August, 2007 11:02  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Great fun news...

I've met a lot of people over ten years from online activity. A coup,e of them have become friends...and I'm meeting up with a pal John in a couple of weeks. We met ten years ago on a bookclub. We e-mail occassionally and ge ttogether when we are in or near the same cities.

It has really added a special aspect and I learn so many things form people through wesites, it must be the writing format?

I still get nervous though. I really do. And I tend to not tell everybody I know I'm going to meet someone I met makes them nervous. The idea that there are predators ONLY online...yet it's absolutley not true. I always meet up in a public place and quite often with other company.

Anyways my point, I think it's natural to be nervous. Look at tall the people who work and travel and meet work associates...they eventually get used to the meeting...and my point is looking forward to pics and news about the experience! Have a great weekend sounds like you will!!!

11 August, 2007 14:21  
Blogger Gardenia said...

If you don't take a risk, you might also miss something great. Just use normal precautions - you are a sensible guy - let us know how it goes!

11 August, 2007 15:22  
Blogger Milla said...

Those fugging olives! They were in every dish! ah ah

11 August, 2007 21:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright! How did it go? I suspect Mill is as awesome as you thought and you had nothing less than a wonderful MIRL!!

13 August, 2007 03:55  

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