Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back in the saddle

So, that's Easter over and done with then. At our house, Easter meant taking a couple of medium-length walks on Friday and Sunday, going out for Sunday lunch, and eating a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg each. We also watched a few films, which will someday get reviewed when I catch up with my backlog...

Other than that, it was business as usual. What we've found, over the course of almost six years of working from home, is that public holidays are the best times to get on top of our workload. These are the days when we are often at our most productive. See for yourself:

• No work phone calls.
• No work e-mails.
• No work meetings.

So, while all of our business contacts are kicking back and enjoying themselves, we are sat at our desks making money off of their lazy asses. Heh heh heh. Wait up, that's not funny. It's sad, is what it is.

It's also a quiet time in blogland, so there are fewer distractions from those people on our blogrolls. And you know how easy it is to get distracted by blogs.

But after three days of not posting, I'm dry. My spring has been blocked by some evil Frenchmen. I did shoot some video footage in the woods on Friday, though, so I may get around to editing that in the coming days. And I'm going to the tattooist on Friday. So there's stuff happening. Maybe I get inspired soon. Or at least I can get on top of those movie reviews.

And whaddya know? No sooner do I take advantage of a quiet moment in my day than my e-mail pings, informing me of the arrival of some more work. Better get to it, I guess...

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Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, I'm feeling very much that way myself - must be something in the water...


11 April, 2007 14:15  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

Drat those evil frenchmen!!

11 April, 2007 14:28  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Well, I think relieving the stress of workload is a good thing even if it means you don't get a nice long weekend off.

It's snowing here. Snowing! WTF.

What the heck is going on with American Idol?

11 April, 2007 16:37  
Blogger martinobhoy said...

The best thing about being off on Easter Monday is going up the town and looking at the exasperated expressions on the faces of parents who are into their second week of spending a lot more time with their little darlings.

Shallow life? Me?

11 April, 2007 19:00  
Blogger Lee said...

Same thing here...I've got things I want to write about, but can't seem to string words together in any sort of coherent or amusing way. Posting pics is much easier!

11 April, 2007 21:33  
Blogger Gardenia said...

Another tat? Whatcha getting this time? I'm going in one of these days for lettering over or under the raven....they say this is addicting - do you think maybe?

12 April, 2007 02:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did get the new tat and the guy did a KILLER job and all done in an hour and a half. I was stunned, thought it would take at least two. Going to get something added to bring the new one together with the old one that resides on the other side of the same ankle. Can't wait! What are you getting this round?
Link to a pic of the new tat (blurry pic but you still get the idea):

12 April, 2007 04:40  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

wow... guess writer's block is cyber-contagious.

excited about those movie reviews though... just put up a few of my own, actually :)

maybe there's a cure for this whole block thing after all.

12 April, 2007 06:20  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

G/puss: Yeah, that Kentish water sure has something in it.

Olives: So true!

Candy: The snow and American Idol. Something just ain't right!

Martino: I feel a parent's pain. Kinda. Or not.

12 April, 2007 14:26  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Lee: Posting pictures is easier, but I'd have to go out and take some first. D'oh!

Gardenia: Stage Two of my latest, the panther and snake. Might even get it finished, too. Oh yeah, it's addictive!

Angel: Looks good. Nice to unify them, too. Hopefully finishing my latest.

Martha: It sure is doing the rounds, huh? I'll head over and read your reviews now.

12 April, 2007 14:31  
Blogger ldbug said...

Isn't it incredible how much you can get done with no stupid work meetings?

12 April, 2007 18:15  
Blogger Odat said...

Hey...wanna see the tat!!!

13 April, 2007 12:09  
Blogger lightupvirginmary said...

I love those giant Kinder Surprise eggs! My mum normally sends me one of those but I got nothing for Easter this year from anyone (sob!)
I was hoping all the little caramel and galaxy eggs would be cheap after easter but they are still full price in Morrissons! Cheapskates.

13 April, 2007 18:52  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

LDB: Meetings are such a waste of time, almost without exception.

Odat: It is now posted.

LUVM: We didn't have the enormous ones, just the little ones, but they're yummy too. Sorry you were deprived this year!

14 April, 2007 15:21  

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