Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Working and Heroes and Idol, oh my!

I had to take a day off yesterday. Pretty poor start to Year 2, I know, but that anniversary post took it out of me.

Not much to report here. Busy. Worked flat out all day yesterday. Then came up for another hour after dinner and ANTM and Heroes.

I. Am. Fucking. Loving. Heroes. If you haven't started watching yet, you simply must ASAP. It's on the SciFi channel here in the UK, and it is one of the best serials I have seen on TV in a very long time.

Admittedly, I'm a sucker for tales of time travel and superpowers. This is mostly because I have superpowers and can travel in time, of course. But I realize that not everyone can, and that's why this show is so exciting. Last night's show (episode 5, "Hiros") actually gave me goosebumps in a couple of scenes. It was that good.

I will definitely, definitely be buying this show on DVD when it comes out. I only hope they can keep it up and don't let it outstay its welcome. The only problem with it is those fucking commercial breaks, man. There are four, and each one is quite long, which sucks.

What I really want to do each week is record the show and watch it later, skipping through the ads, but I literally can't because I'm too excited and want to watch the show as it airs. I guess I'm an instant-gratification kinda guy.

(While looking for a pic for this post, I was psyched when I found the one above cos it shows something I haven't yet seen but doesn't give away too much. I love Hiro; he's my favourite character. He's a rockin' motherfucker.)

Finally, and on another topic, I just want to apologize to Lee for taking so long with her contest prize. Things are moving along on that front, and you have not been forgotten. Bear with me, kiddo.

And finally, again, avid long-term readers may have noticed that there's not been much in the way of a running critique of this year's American Idol so far, despite my fondness for it last year. Sorry about that. (I know you all come here especially for AI news.) I'm a bit out of inspiration where AI is concerned this year. They mostly all seem a bit shit. What more can I say?

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Blogger Tanya said...

I don't watch either of those shows. Heroes sounds like it's up my street though. We don't get the Sci-Fi channel. Just as well because I would become one of those people who drops out of society, lives off the dole and sits in front of telly all day. Then I would eat and get no exercise and when i die they'd have to remove me from the house with a crane after bashing a wall in. And I'd have to be buried in a coffin the size of a small bungalow.

So. The Sci-Fi channel would be a bad idea.

Word verification: xsyntx - X Syntax

13 March, 2007 11:04  
Blogger Lee said...

See, I've got time to over-analyze nekked, starving men in the D&G ads cuz I'm not nuts about this Heroes show. I like Idol, but only the tryouts.

And I'll patiently wait for me goodie box! The anticipation is exciting! :)

13 March, 2007 11:29  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

love sci-fi. I'll look out for the dvd as I can only get terrestrial channels. Caz won't let me get Sky as we watch so little anyway. Fair enough but I miss me footy!!

13 March, 2007 11:30  
Blogger _z. said...

haha, I thought you would take the week off!
There you are posting again.

I love Hero too. I came across it by mere chance.
I was tending to my daily dose of CSI, when I stumbled on a dead girl whom after undergoing autopsy, opened her eyes, stood up, closed her chest with her arms, and walked away.

I am hooked since.

13 March, 2007 15:45  
Blogger Milla said...

Oh I hate it when you write about TV shows coz I cannot comment on anything apart from saying I haven't got a TV so I cannot comment on what you write about. Oh I hate it.

13 March, 2007 17:40  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

i haven't started watching heroes yet, but i really do want to see it. i am almost positive i'd love it... just haven't had the time to start watching it yet.

it's one i'll have to rent when the first season comes out.

13 March, 2007 17:52  
Blogger ldbug said...

We already had the full season of Heroes here. Well, there may be another couple new ones in April.

It was good at the start, then it lost a lot of steam for a bunch of episodes which was depressing. I love Hiro too! He's just the best, but some of the other charactors become boring or frustrating/stupid. I liked the last episode (here), though, it was pretty cool.

As for American Idol, I just don't see the appeal. If these contestants could play an instrument and could write their own songs, then I'd be impressed.

Otherwise, to me it's just a glorified karaoke competition, sorry.

13 March, 2007 17:54  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

T: That all sounds pretty extreme. It's just one show. You can always turn the TV off before and after. Maybe... And anyway, thus far, Heroes is worth the gamble.

Lee: Thank you for your patience. The Idol tryouts are the best part, no doubt. Sorry you're not digging the Heroes.

4D: Definitely worth seeing anyway you can.

13 March, 2007 18:27  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

_z.: The week off? I'd get withdrawal symptoms! I'm glad you're enjoying Heroes. That scene you mentioned was great, wasn't it? I can just see why it must've stopped you in your tracks while you were looking for CSI.

Milla: Mi dispiace, cara. I don't do it often. Way less than I used to. But sometimes I just gotta. I'll try to be more considerate.

Martha: Jeez, girl, what'cha waitin' fer?

LDB: I fear it'll lose steam, so I'm really giving it lots of love now, before it starts to bore me. Which I hope will never happen. Oh... now you've made me sad.

13 March, 2007 18:30  
Blogger Lee said...

it's not that i don't dig it, it's just that i'm deathly afraid of commitment. i've also never seen a single episode of the sopranos.

13 March, 2007 20:52  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

14 March, 2007 02:37  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

We are survivor fans. All shows are tivo'd cause I can't watch tv in real time anymore. But, I haven't seen heroes yet. I'll have to tivo it an catch an episode.

14 March, 2007 02:39  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Lee: Ah, a commitment-phobe... I see. I kind of agree regarding some of these drawn-out shows. And they usually disappoint in the long run. The Sopranos used to be unmissable; now it's just "I've got to see it through to the end". Oh well.

Olives: Survivor ROCKS! We tend to record most stuff these days and skip through the ads later. I don't have time to sit watching ads. Who does?

15 March, 2007 08:51  
Blogger Cooper said...

I like Melinda Dolittle, but overall I agree.

Hey *!

20 March, 2007 20:11  

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