Friday, March 23, 2007

An update on the TV-less couple

So... It ain't so bad really. It's true that, on the whole, we wouldn't miss TV. Mostly we watch films and stuff on DVD anyway, but there are some good shows out there, such as tonight's Simon Schama show on the abolition of slavery. Hopefully they'll repeat it. And we get our new satellite receiver tomorrow, anyway, when the man from Sky will come a-knockin'.

Fortunately, last night we didn't have to resort to talking after all, especially since we'd IM'd each other during the latter part of the afternoon, so I'm really not sure what else we would have said to each other.

I opted to cook my famed, once-weekly chilli sin carne (recipe coming soon, for those who are interested), and we opened a bottle of Rioja, which went really nicely when we sat down to get our grub on.

And we watched an episode of Scrubs on DVD while eating, followed by the second episode of this US mini-series Kidnapped, which we had waiting for us on the DVR.

Red fell asleep in the middle of that, woke up for the end, declared her general lack of interest in it (neither of us is ever really satisfied by these mini-series, whether UK or US-made), and then made her way up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire, leaving me in the company of Naomi Watts and Laura Harring (see right). Lucky ladies!

I was soon hearing the call of father/son team Hypnos and Morpheus, so I turned off the DVD at about 75 minutes in. The trouble with Lynch films, though, is that mostly they don't have chapter breaks, and our cheap DVD player doesn't remember at what point the disc was stopped, so now I'll have to wind it forward for 75 minutes next time I sit down to finish the movie. Grrr.

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Blogger mister anchovy said...

we still have no satellite or no cable at our house...just an old 13 inch tv and rabbit ears. We get enough stations to cover our modest tv needs, and I enjoy being the only kid on the block still living in the 70s...

23 March, 2007 11:56  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

mmmm. I'm coming to your place for dinner. you two have good looking food happening over there.

23 March, 2007 12:59  
Blogger Milla said...

See? You don't really miss your TV channels do you...
But how can you not have anyhing to talk about? I don't believe it.

**How apt! the word verification just now begins with TV**

23 March, 2007 13:17  
Blogger Tanya said...

You watched Mulholland Drive again, didn't you?

23 March, 2007 13:46  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

i love that you guys IM each other. hahhaha :)

and i'm glad you survived your night of no television. i'm proud.

23 March, 2007 15:00  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Mr A: There were some good things about the 70s, for sure.

Olives: We do a pretty decent meal once in a while. Any time you're in town, y'know...

Milla: Not too much, we don't miss 'em; just the odd thing. I'm just kidding about not having anything to talk about, y'know. Great word veri.

T: I did watch soe of it, yes, in preparation for my 100th movie review.

Martha: Well, you got to IM each other, don'cha? Glad to make you proud!

23 March, 2007 17:49  
Blogger Karen said...

I'm so excited that you'll be posting your Chili Sin recipe! Mmmm.

Between you and Red, Tanya, and now Mr. Anchovy, I'm seriously reconsidering my TV addiction.

23 March, 2007 20:04  
Blogger apositivepessimist said...

I'm a happy chappy Scrubs has finally returned.

heh at "chilli sin carne", looks a bit of yummo right there.

23 March, 2007 22:11  
Blogger Gardenia said...

I enjoyed the time before leaving Wyo for a few months when TV was on the skids - DVD was enough - I felt more peaceful eventually began to enjoy it - - now I'm in a house with 3 TV's - but I have kicked everyone out of my study - its me, the computer, books, bills, cats, art supplies.....

Waiting for the chilli sin carne.........

24 March, 2007 00:38  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

hey... thought you and red would enjoy this

24 March, 2007 05:03  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Karen: Recipe will come, I promise. It's actually been great catching up with Season 1 of Scrubs, most of which we've never seen.

APP: We rarely see Scrubs on TV these days, and too often they are repeats, so watching the DVDs is proving great fun. That chilli was all righgt, y'know?

Gardenia: It's crazy how soon you get out of the TV habit, I think. Liberating, almost.

Martha: Thanks for that. I think I saw a version with just Bush a couple of years back, but this is better.

24 March, 2007 09:13  
Blogger Milla said...

U still TVless?
Why don't you make an experiment and stay without TV for a couple fo weeks? Just like that. You'll like it.

24 March, 2007 10:52  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Milla: The TV is back, as of 11 a.m. Saturday. I was thinking about being more selective in my viewing habits from now on.

24 March, 2007 13:35  

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