Friday, March 02, 2007

It’s here... it’s finally here!

My David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Espresso... Ain't she a beauty? And there was a free Inland Empire coaster, too!

In the same parcel, lovingly delivered by UPS, I also got my gorgeous Eraserhead DVD. Beautiful packaging, Mr Lynch. And I'm sure the film will look lovely too.

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Blogger Milla said...

You lucky, lucky bastid :)
Eraserhead has one of my favorite lines ever, by the Lady in the radiator:
'In Heaven, everything is fine. In Heaven, everything is fine. You've got your good things. And I've got mine.'
And considering the film was made when I was only 5 years old, it has aged MUCH better than I have, damit.

02 March, 2007 15:27  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Milla: I've only seen Eraserhead once I think, but it was a big gap in my DVD collection, so I had to buy it. That line, incidentally, was adapted and used in the original demo version of "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. It went: "In heaven everything is fine, you've got yours and I've got mine." It's also the quote on the back of the packaging, along with a picture. Issss laaaaavley.

02 March, 2007 15:37  
Blogger Red said...

I have no idea what you two are on about, but I wish I was the Lady ON the radiator. Mmm... toasty...

02 March, 2007 15:42  
Blogger Gardenia said...

'Tis a beaut, it 'tis. Anything to do with Expresso is totally lovely. Hmmmm, will have to visit that webset.

02 March, 2007 17:32  
Blogger ldbug said...

Wow, it's simply beautiful

02 March, 2007 17:36  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

very cool!

i don't know how you find all this stuff, but wow. i'm impressed :)

02 March, 2007 17:45  
Blogger Kate said...

Embarrassingly, I have never seen Eraserhead, dunno why, just didn't get around to it. The espresso cup is very stylish though.

02 March, 2007 18:33  
Blogger Steven Novak said...

Organic Esp....sigh....I got nothing....seriously....I am speechless. ;)


02 March, 2007 19:23  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Red: You're funny! Only you know how much I laughed at that, cos you were sat right opposite me.

Gardenia: Thanks. Check out

LDB: Yes, isn't it?

03 March, 2007 08:27  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Martha: Oh you know, just look around (at for example).

Kate: It's some espresso coffee, not a cup! David Lynch coffee! How cool is that? And it tastes pretty nice too. Go get Eraserhead from your rental shop now!

Steve: Speechless? That's not like you, my friend.

03 March, 2007 08:29  
Blogger Red said...

Yeah, but is it as black as midnight on a moonless night?

[Takes a sip]

Holy moly! It's as black as midnight on a moonless night... in hell, with the devil's fork wedged up your arse! That's some strong shiiiiiit, man. I'll stick to Machu Picchu, thanks.

03 March, 2007 08:51  
Blogger Milla said...

ahahahahahahahahahaha Red!

Can I have some too?

03 March, 2007 11:35  
Blogger cappy said...

all you need is some damn fine cherry pie to go with it!
or am i confusing mr lynch with someone else?

03 March, 2007 16:22  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Red: Yeah, it's black, that's for sure!

Milla: You guys make the baklava; I'll make the coffee!

Cappy: No, you got it right, ol' son.

03 March, 2007 17:52  

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