Thursday, March 29, 2007

As Thursday draws to an end

It's been one of those days... One of those days when I get very busy. And yet also one of those days when I look back at what I have actually achieved and it ain't much.

Half the day was spent in a meeting with our design partner in my dining room.

Almost half the day was spent retrieving an old computer out of storage and quickly bringing it back on to the front line and into active duty following the death of its brother. And that entails reinstalling software, reinstalling fonts, copying any other relevant files on to it...

About an hour and a half spent doing our quarterly tax shenanigans. And an hour or so was spent doing proper work work.

No time to write any blog posts. No time to visit any blogs and see what my buddies have been up to.

Oh, I did have a massive clear-out of my desk (above), though. That was worthwhile. I could no longer function the way it was. It was bordering on insanity. I found several bank statements and other important documents that really ought not to be languishing at the bottom of piles of junk and waste paper. Oops.

You know what they say: messy desk equals messy mind. Well, now my desk is very empty, and my mind feels that way, too. Surely that's not good? And now I'm going to close down, go and have some dinner (Red is making vegetarian spaghetti carbonara), and watch Little Miss Sunshine.


Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

sounds like a busy and productive (despite what you say) day. enjoy that dinner... and the movie (have you guys seen it before now? if not, i hope you love it. it's one of my new faves)

29 March, 2007 22:49  
Blogger cappy said...

now thats one review i'm waiting to read! hope it's good. i't was on the list for this weekend anyway. i'll hold off for now!

29 March, 2007 23:50  
Blogger Odat said...

Looks like my desk...but it is a good feeling when you clean up!!
Enjoy that great sounding dinner and the movie!


30 March, 2007 00:02  
Blogger mist1 said...

Now I feel like a slug. I didn't make a mess on my desk at all today.

30 March, 2007 01:20  
Blogger Tanya said...

Life takes over, huh? A bit of spring cleaning - even if just the desk - is always a valuable exercise. Decluttering is good for the soul.

I should do some of that.

30 March, 2007 09:30  
Blogger Red said...

That's why I can never find any hankies! They're all on your desk...

30 March, 2007 09:52  
Blogger cappy said...

red: i wasn't going to draw attention to the pile of hankies, or even ask why they would be there, but now YOU have mentioned it........

30 March, 2007 09:58  
Blogger Glamourpuss said...

Doing what I do, that scene at the pageant in Little Miss S really made me laugh. Embrace the space - nature abhors a vacuum and soon enough, all sorts of good things will come to fill it.


30 March, 2007 11:09  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

It's good to see another desk as messy as mine! I hope you enjoyed LMS, my daughter and I sat home watching it on a sick day. We laughed pretty hard. It's one of the best movies we've seen in a while.

30 March, 2007 11:27  
Blogger mister anchovy said...

I just did a major clean up of my studio....the place was out-of-control...took me days to whip it into shape. Now for a new set of paintings.....

30 March, 2007 13:20  
Blogger Milla said...

Little Miss Sunshine is a perfect tribute to a beautiful spaghetti alla carbonara (vegetarian? how do you make that?). I hope you liked the film; I think it's brilliant. Zorro loved it too.
As for your desk: that is NOT mess. It's called 'I can multi-task'.

30 March, 2007 16:38  
Blogger Ben said...

Little Miss Sunshine might be the single most insightful look at all that is dysfunctional in the American psyche that I've seen in a good long while.

Wonderful flick.

30 March, 2007 23:11  

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