Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Update on being banned

So, I thought I'd have another go at getting Such As They Are accepted by BlogExplosion yesterday afternoon. I entered all the details again and hit Submit, or whatever.

Then, when I turned on my mail this morning, I find that it's been accepted. Nothing about objectionable content, even though I hadn't changed anything.

Clearly there are several people responsible for accepting/declining applicants, each applying the letter of the law in different ways.

For example, their ground rules state that excessive profanity is not acceptable, although occasional use is okay. I'm sure I fall into the "excessive profanity" camp. And that's fine by me and most of my readers, I think. Context is everything. Take the words "fuck" and "cunt", say. I use both of these liberally, but I hope in a non-offensive and sometimes humorous way. I mostly don't actually intend to offend, believe it or not.

I use those words as a little bit of colour in my posts. Nine times out of ten, I could remove them with no detrimental effect on my message, but I like them. They are words that were suitable for great English authors through the centuries, so why not a piss-poor blog addict like yours truly?

These words are part of my heritage, and I'll be damned if I'll let some blog-hits-exchange site tell me how many cunts I can use. The swines.

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Blogger _z. said...

congratulations. You got it after all. hehe one more blog to add to my blogroll.

dude, keep on writing and expressing yourself the way you do... I like the way you write, I like your blog, and I really like your labels :P

Congrats mate!

06 February, 2007 15:37  
Blogger ldbug said...

Yes, cunt and fuck are quite colorful. And descriptive.

06 February, 2007 16:24  
Blogger Tanya said...

Depends on what you plan to use the cunts for.

06 February, 2007 16:40  
Blogger Pendullum said...

May the blogging world enjoy the explosion of excessive,liberal humorous, profanity with wreckless abandon!...

06 February, 2007 17:23  
Blogger Suze said...

Good to hear you managed to have it accepted.

You didn't threaten to show they your ball bags did you? lol

06 February, 2007 17:25  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

_z.: Cheers! Feel free to add her in, yes. I'll carry on being my usual self.

LDB: Colourful and descriptive, just the way I like 'em.

T: Hee hee, now that would be telling, innit?

Pendullum: Thanks. And welcome!

Suze: Hey there. Well, you know, I may have said something about that...

06 February, 2007 17:46  
Blogger Gentleman-hobbs said...

Shit, there is a limit to swearing? How come I'm still on line then? Personally whoever decided that swear words are swear words should be fist fucked up the arse the shit for brains nose picking James Blunt!

06 February, 2007 20:11  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

If this is a swear word zone, I am below my daily limit. If you don't mind I'll use the rest here:


thanks. I feel much better.

07 February, 2007 01:40  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

G-Hobbs: A limit only if you want your blog in BlogExplosion, apparently. And then only if the wrong person happens to be judging. Go figger.

Olives: You go, girl -- get it all out!

07 February, 2007 09:23  
Blogger Kate said...

I have always found your cunts very amusing.

07 February, 2007 14:05  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Kate: Why, thank you!

07 February, 2007 17:21  

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