Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year’s resolution: I really must moan a little less. (Yeah, right.)

It's a new year, and we all have to get used to writing the correct dates on our cheques and bills and stuff.

So far, so good. I've written "2007" about three or four times, and no mistakes yet. See, that takes a special kind of genius, I'm sure you'll agree.

Feeling a bit uninspired in terms of blog posts right now, though. Don't know why. It may be because I'm way behind with my movie reviews (such as they are), and I feel I can't move on with my life until I get up to date with that. I have seven to do.

In other news, leaked mobile-phone video footage of Saddam's execution is causing quite a stir, but only because it has embarrassed the Iraqi government by showing the world what a fucking sham it is, unable even to kill a man properly, without the place being full of Shi'ites heckling the Sunni Saddam. Small wonder, then, that the official video that was released had no audio track.

And dangerous dog kills five-year-old girl somewhere in the Merseyside area of England. Sure, that's right, blame the dog. Owners who are cunts is the bigger problem, of course. How about we start sterilizing some of these motherfuckers with no brain?

What else? Oh yeah, the last episode of season 1 of Torchwood aired here last night.

For those who don't know, Torchwood is the first spin-off series of Doctor Who, starring John Barrowman (with whom Red has danced) as the charismatic Captain Jack Harkness. I'm loathe to include any spoilers here in case any readers have yet to see it, but there's a great ending that should lead us nicely into series 3 of Doctor Who. All good stuff. On the whole, I've quite enjoyed Torchwood, and I hope they commission another series.

The missus and I are heading off for a few days' holiday soon. It's fast approaching, so there's shitloads to do around here in the meantime, which means less time for blogging and fun. But it's a fair sacrifice, don't you think?

Last three things:

1. I've got to head into the West End tomorrow, which I so don't fucking need or have time for.

2. Is Adam Ant going to be in Celebrity Big Brother? He was on the shortlist for a while, so I'll have to watch tonight just to be on the safe side.

3. Lovefilm is really fucking me off right now, not sending stuff out promptly enough. They are cunts, and they do this with increasing regularity. We always keep at least their recommended minimum number of titles on the list, but I'll be buggered if I'm going to boost our choice list with dross, just so they've got something to send us. Wankers.

Nothing much else to add right now, except keep an eye on Such As They Are. The latest review was Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke.

Oh yeah, that thing about not moaning: never gonna happen. You do know that, don't you?



Blogger Red said...

Will it be Adam Ant or Justin Hawkins? Surely there's room for only one has... er... former pop star in the BB House. My money is on the jumpsuited skinny dude with the high-pitched voice.

Will you still travel with me to Seville if Adam Ant is on telly every night?

03 January, 2007 14:44  
Blogger Tanya said...

I have to agree on the Lovefilm front. We were with ScreenSelect before Lovefilm bought them out. Every 2 or 3 days, regularly, I would receive a DVD. Nice, prompt service. I was just saying to Kate last night that since the switch we've had to wait longer for DVDs. She said if it carries on, we'll have to think about cancelling our subscription.

03 January, 2007 15:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

- Writing 2007 on checks, or cheques ;)- that's what online banking's for! They are much better at that stuff!

- Hussein - Whole thing's so barbaric...makes me wanna crawl into a hole and pretend I don't the human race...and the whole thing happened on an American base. I cringe.

- Killer Dog - You're so right...people are absolute cunts.

- Adam Ant - A big brother? That's hysterical.

- Lovefilm - In U.S. we got Netflix. They work great for me!

- Asterisk - Thanks for all the good reads...Happy New Year!

03 January, 2007 15:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please keep moaning. When you have a gift it is a shame not to use it. ;0)

All the best from a fellow moaner.

03 January, 2007 17:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

03 January, 2007 21:37  
Blogger Aidan said...

I've had three Lovefilm DVDs for ages, somehow haven't got around to watching them. There's a New Year resolution for myself...

I did receive a pretty little card from them today, though - a mocked-up advert for a film starring Scarlett Johansson and myself. Huh. And a gift voucher to give to a friend... Huh, again. I wanted something for myself. But most of all an actual film role with Scarlett.

Ah well. No moaning now... Well, for now.

Happy New Year, hope you have a superb'un.

04 January, 2007 01:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

torchwood? hmmmm. caught it on and off, not impressed. and i missed the sarah jane thing on new years day. "flogging a dead horse"? got to say i love the new doctor who's, never a fan in the old days.

adam ant? no

donny turette? yes (who hell he?)

as a fan of the ordinary boys, it shocked me to see preston in there last time, but adam? i think, after seeing the dweebs that are in now, that he would have lasted a week before having another breakdown, which would make good telly, but not done one of my heros any favours.

bottom of the barrel choices this year. but we'll all watch it!

tis a sad life we lead!

(ken russel to win)
(and that indian lady is HOT)
(H has admitted he is gay! took me by surprise that one! who'd have thunk it?)

04 January, 2007 10:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will still say 'cunt' a lot though, won't you?

04 January, 2007 12:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see an increasing amount of these cunts in London walking around with these horrible dogs accessorized with collars with spikes and all sorts of crap. I don't understand the need to have these aggressive dogs to make them look macho. And I hope that dog owner who's dog killed his niece feels suitably guilty.

04 January, 2007 13:16  
Blogger Suze said...

What was that! Red danced with John Barrowman...the lucky, lucky...woman. Lol

04 January, 2007 19:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Celebrity Big Brother???? I haven't missed a season, yet I have never heard of this...

Enjoy your trip and all it's preparations!

04 January, 2007 20:04  
Blogger Gentleman-hobbs said...

Happy new year and may your financial returns be as furtile as your imagination sir.

Thanks I'm thinking of going to the doctor though coz someoneone asked if he could try some of my gooseberry ripple.

04 January, 2007 21:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY for moaning! It's what I like about you. You can bellyache with the best of them and I love reading every line of it. =)

05 January, 2007 00:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never even heard of Celebrity Big Brother, and now you tell me that Adam Ant may be on?

I don't understand the need for aggressive dogs, either. My Hubby is fond of saying that he doesn't need a dog to back him up, he just needsa dog to wake him up!

05 January, 2007 04:34  

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