Friday, January 05, 2007

BB and blog targets

I'm sure anyone living in the UK already knows that Adam Ant did not enter the Big Brother house, and I'm glad about that, cos he's still a bit too loopy to be putting himself in line for public ridicule, even if ridicule is nothing to be scared of.

We did get Donnie Tourette, though -- frontman of terrible "punk" band Towers of London. I like good punk music, but I find Towers of London to be a bit ridiculous, and their reality show, which you can find occasionally on some channel or other in the dead of night, is simply insane. But Donnie looks like he's going to be good value for money, so I'm looking forward to his progress.

I had set myself a goal for the early part of this year. I was hoping to get my post count up to 730 before 11 March. Since I'm only at about 520 or so right now, that looks incredibly unlikely, especially since all my new movie reviews are now going up at Such As They Are.

Why 730? Why 11 March? Because that will give me a total average of two posts a day for my first year of blogging. I don't think there's any chance that I'll make it. I've got about 60-something days to do 200 posts, so I'd need to be hitting three to four a day every day from this point on. No way, José.

Well, I've got some work to do. Maybe I'll be back later...



Blogger Tanya said...

I am not a fan of BB. Or CBB. I was only intrigued to discover that one of the contestants is Dirk Benedict he of the A-Team and original Battlestar Gallactica. Kate and I caught the last 5 minutes of it while waiting for Desperate Housewives to start. Dirk is quoted that he is expecting it to be 25 days of pure hell. Looks like he meant that because he looked awkward and miserable. The things people do for a little attention and a career boost.

05 January, 2007 10:27  
Anonymous cappy said...

so which one do you think is the celebrity then?
mr tourette is boffing sir bobs daughter,
the young WAG is shagging teddy sheringham,
thats it, bored already!

05 January, 2007 11:05  
Anonymous cappy said...

and if you just post a few pics, that'll get you nearer your total!

05 January, 2007 11:06  
Blogger Camie Vog said...

It's not about the numbers... It's about the love (eh, er, the moaning. You pick).

05 January, 2007 14:07  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Tanya: I always swear I won't watch 'em but I oh so often get drawn in...! Dirk is funny. "No cigars, no Benedict" is apparnetly what he told the BB producers!

Cappy: That's funny, which one is the celeb! It is a bit like that. Certainly there are a few I've never seen before in my life. That WAG is fucking dumb, man. Apparently she thought Winston Churchill was an American civil-rights leader, or something.

Camie: I know it's not about the numbers, but that's the way things go when you have a collector's mentality.

05 January, 2007 17:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a goal. The important thing here is to stay focused!You can do it! You can always post four or five on any random day to keep you in line.

05 January, 2007 20:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and how are the Absinthe papers coming?

06 January, 2007 00:19  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Olives: Trouble is, this is an unrealistic goal, so I'm going to pass on it rather than get frustrated by it. I'll set another, maybe for the 18-month mark. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though.

Gardenia: I'm enjoying drinking the absinthe as and when! But I've had some difficulty getting into your blog. I'll try again, but they tell me my Google password isn't valid or something, so I don't know.

06 January, 2007 15:52  
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