Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday stuff

I'm having one of those don't-really-know-what-to-blog-about moments today. What makes this especially frustrating is that I don't have a huge amount of things to do. Oh, the irony: time on my hands, but nothing in my head... I'll put together, then, a little list of things that have crossed my mind in recent days.

• When I did that list of famous people I've met or seen in the street, one person I left off is a guy I wrote and recorded some songs with a good few years ago. He's not yet famous, but he has been continuing to write and record his own stuff and looks to be on the verge of a breakthrough. This leaves me faced with a dilemma. Do I e-mail him and say, "Hey, congrats on the success. How's it going?" Or do I wait till he has a No.1 single then try to sell the recordings of me and him together?

• With Wife and I heading off to Seville, Spain, in just over a month's time, we really need to take a few Spanish lessons, just so we have a vague idea of what the natives are saying to us. Trouble is, I keep forgetting to phone potential tutors. I'll do it right after this post, promise.

• A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally e-mailed a colleague from my blogaboutnowt address. I didn't realize until he phoned me up and asked, "Are you Blog About Nowt?" I didn't know where to put myself. Now, if someone I knew e-mailed me with an obvious blog type e-mail address, I know I'd check it out. So I'm sure he has. It's all a bit embarrassing, isn't it?

• On Saturday, while I was working, I spilled the tiniest amount of coffee on my keyboard. Ten minutes later, my keyboard started doing funny things. It wouldn't stop doing funny things. Now I'm using the keyboard from my old computer, feeling very glad that I haven't yet managed to sell it. I'm told, though, that if you get coffee in your keyboard, you should run in under a tap (faucet) for a few seconds, and then leave it upside down in the airing cupboard for a couple of days. It seems that it's not the liquid that's bad for it, but the stickiness of a substance -- coffee, for example.

• I haven't called my mum in ages. The last time we spoke, I found her very distant and uncommunicative. I feel bad for saying it, but I kind of feel it's her turn to call me. Especially given that I've never spoken to her new beau and don't particularly want that first conversation to be one where he happens to pick up the phone. Talk about awkward moments...

• A project I've been working on for the past three to four months is finally at an end. Tonight I want to drink Prosecco to celebrate. It's been a tough, tough, tough project -- possibly the toughest I've ever had.

• I've started buying Christmas presents for Wife. In fact, I've even started giving them to her, too. First one was yesterday. Listen up, girlie: that's the only one you get before Christmas, 'kay?

• The other day I bought that film Hostel on DVD. I've not watched it yet. I know it's going to be grisly and gory. I also know it's not as grisly and gory as the publicity would lead you to believe. But I still have reservations about watching it for some reason. I think it's more that the premise is so believable in concept. Still, it was only £7.

• I am hoping to take Friday off. That'll be nice. Not sure what to do yet, but it'll likely involve shopping and eating.

• I've been meaning to do a post about porn for ages, but it's proving difficult to find the right angle. No pun intended.

• There's washing up waiting for me. I should really do it. But I have to call Spanish teachers first.

• When I took the rubbish out to the bin, Cat went into the alley behind the house. He's not come back yet. Although I know he's perfectly safe and can easily jump the wall to come back in, I'm never entirely happy until he returns. This is one reason I know I'd be a terrible overprotective parent.

That's all for now.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found that very interesting. Ironic that both of us were scratching our heads thinking of something to write about.

I am stuck this year as what to get the mrs for xmas. I might buy that hostel film of you and give it her.

29 November, 2006 14:47  
Blogger Kate said...

Yes, it is the stickness that does for keyboards, if they just get wet they usually dry out after a day or two and work ok.

I saw Hostel when it first came out. It's ok, not as good as I had expected, but it's watchable.

29 November, 2006 15:17  
Blogger Tanya said...

I worry about my cats too. Especially Lucifer. And especially since he disappeared a whole month in April only to turn up 22 miles away in Peterborough. I feel your anxiety.

29 November, 2006 15:23  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

RD: Cheers. Yeah, some days I'm dry of inspiration. Especially since so much of my time has been taken up with work and watching films, and I don't really blog about work... I think I'll keep hold of Hostel for now, at least until I've watched it!

Kate: Who knew, huh? I never! I will get round to Hostel, probably sooner rather than later, too.

Tanya: Ours is back indoors now, so I can breathe again for a while. That's crazy that Lucifer ended up so far away. Scary.

29 November, 2006 15:34  
Blogger Tanya said...

Yup. Peterborough. Only reason we found him was because he was microchipped. And then only because the woman who took him in practically a day after he disappeared decided he was a girl and needed spaying. The vet phoned and asked me if I'd like him back!!! Hrmf. Of course I drove like a maniac and fetched him that evening. The poor thing was so happy to see me. The woman who found him called him Whoppy. And thought he was a girl. She was stunned to hear his real name was Lucifer. And, of course, that he was a boy. A snipped boy.

29 November, 2006 15:41  
Blogger Milla said...

Espikke Espanish?

I found your post very interesting actually. It's been a strange day for me too. Strange. Wednesdays are becoming the new Mondays.

29 November, 2006 15:43  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Tanya: That's funny on so many levels! Except for poor Lucifer nearly getting an unnecessary invasive procedure...

Milla: Si señora. Thanks. Wednesdays are odd. I think it's because you really start wishing for the weekend to come on Wednesday. And on Mondays, you wish it was still the weekend.

29 November, 2006 15:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this post. I am partial to long meandering posts...hmmm I wonder why? NOT. :)

I also started buying gifts for the man. Unfortunately, I used his credit card to buy him a book on eBay and the morons already sent the bill before the damn book has shown up. IHe was like, I wonder what this charge is...I looked all frowny weird and said quietly "Happy Christmas?" I wonder if the person on eBay is ever going to actually mail the book?

I think you should definately send congrats to your old recording buddy and let him know you are enjoying seeing his sucess and that he deserves it. Network!

As for your mum. Hmm. I have some experience in this as you know :)

I am guessing your mum is more or less okay and not a total psycho, like some parents I know. If she is more or less okay, just jump right in there MisterEnthusiaasm. Beat her. Be super friendly no matter who answers the phone, bloke or what. Be chatty with your mum, ignore any dodgyness...keep on keeping on.

But if she is psycho, well then ignore this advice.

29 November, 2006 15:53  
Blogger Tanya said...

Nearly? He got the procedure. Only once the vet cut him open and saw he had boy bits did he think to ask the woman how long she's had the cat for.

29 November, 2006 15:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

p.s. I'm reposting my vitamins post for tomorrow on my Thursday Thirteen list. btw, I put a special link in it for you and Red with many very good photos near where I went to high school with a fascinating food production very rare nowadays.

29 November, 2006 15:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait till he's #1;-)

Buy a little phrase book works the best every time! and have a great trip!

Oooooooppps! I've done that, sadly, that's why I don't post about the shit at work anymore..

Damn the coffee - well, worked out, though, who says procrastination is bad?

Call from a pay phone and hang up really fast if he answers..

Congratulations!! Get your drink on!

Oh, how sweet! You're way ahead in the game:-)

Maybe wait on the gore until after all the happy/cheery season?

Uhhhh don't know what to say, can porn be done tastefully?

Ugh, I wish I had a dishwasher.

Oh, I know how you feel. I'm way too protective of my cat too.

29 November, 2006 16:03  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Candy: That's funny about the credit-card bill. I can just picture you saying "Happy Christmas?" with that upward-lilting question mark at the end! Excellent. I know I should call my mum, but grrrr it really frustrates me that she never calls! And the recording guy: I don't know. It's also weird because the only reason I even found out he was getting somewhere (possibly) was because I was thinking about posting one of our collaborations here, but now i feel weird about it... Thanks for the update on the vitamins, too.

Tanya: Oh my God! I didn't realize. I thought you meant he'd already "been done" while in your care. Terrible! But couldn't the vet see he was a tom before going in?

29 November, 2006 16:06  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

LDBug: Thanks for your time, girl! I agree with the No.1 thing, I think. And then sometimes I don't... Can porn be done tastefully? Maybe, but who wants that?! Been thinking about the dishwasher thing recently...

29 November, 2006 16:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keyboards doing funny things is not good. Keyboards should be more Al Gore than Don Rickles.

Wait...maybe that's not the best example. ;)


29 November, 2006 16:20  
Blogger Tanya said...

Well, *, we got him snipped a month after he arrived in our house. He is VERY hairy and without two visible bulges indicating he was male and no way to see amongst his fur that he was indeed a boy, the vet simply went on this woman's word that this was her FEMALE cat and was there to be spayed. He is a big fluffy cat. I can understand that. Why the woman didn't tell him she happened upon him I can only make wild assumptions...

29 November, 2006 16:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol you goofed. your friend is gonna know all your dirty little secrets now!

i wanna go to spain. pack me in a trunk and take me. i wont bother much i promise. and i can go shopping with the wife when your too tired to keep up... please.... lol shadap. i couldnt help it.

bring me back a shotglass!

29 November, 2006 16:35  
Blogger Shep said...

Spent all day watching a man put new doors in. Then we had a moment when we realised that the way the panels went on the back door...leaves no catflap room. Hunter will not be amused. Neither will we, as it will now mean us going back to the 'letting him in and out like servants do' way of life.

Saw Hostel a while back - I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, a bit of a Severance type of thing. Just don't pay attention to the plot holes...or the inevitable sequel that comes with it's success (like Saws 1, 2, 3)

I am approaching retail Christmas. This means working 6 and sometimes 7 days on the trot. Pity me. I quite like it, in a Aaron Sorkin controlled chaos kind of way. And of course I love the baby Jesus...

Going to watch Stranger Than Fiction tonight. Let's hope it's not shit...

How's that for a rambling comment...?

29 November, 2006 17:51  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Steve: I'm not sure I get that particular piece of American humour, but i'm sure it was funny...

Tanya: What a cretinous woman, though. You'd think she might say "I found this cat; don't know what sex; don't know if it's done" etc. And then the vet could go, "Found it, huh? Maybe I'll do the old scan-o-rama trick..." Buffoons!

Yas: Yeah yeah, laugh it up! For that you ain't coming to Spain!

Shep: A fitting comment to a rambling post, methinks. Feeling bad for Hunter, though. You'll find a way to get a cat-flap in before too long. If not in the winter months, certainly come the spring. Pity you your 7-day weeks. I kind of do, but since I've been doing them for the past 3 months, I figure it's fully someone else's turn.

29 November, 2006 18:39  
Blogger Shep said...

Retail *, retail. Standing at tills. Serving...the general public *shudder*. Smiling.

Is that what you've been doing 3 months straight? If so, I'll concede that you are indeed a God!

29 November, 2006 18:43  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Shep: No, that's not what I've been doing, granted, but I've done my fair share of it, from the ages of 16 to 24, selling clothes on a market stall, selling comics, repairing shoes, and taking people's bets. There's no way I'd go back to working with the general public. But at least you get to deal with literate people in your job. I was rarely so lucky...

29 November, 2006 18:48  
Blogger Shep said...

My bitterness is just base envy at you being able to work from home with a fruity Mrs * able to administer to your every whim (or is that the other way round...hmmm).

My retail life has been from 1995 onwards...and not an end in sight! Good thing I'm strong as an Ox.

29 November, 2006 18:54  
Blogger martinobhoy said...

I know you're not really into sport but I was in Seville 3 years ago with about 80,000 other Celtic fans for the UEFA Cup Final.

It is a very beautiful city and I'm sure you'll enjoy it but I hope the locals have recovered from the Celtic invasion.

29 November, 2006 19:38  
Blogger ems said...

Shep, my dad can sympathise. He had to work until midnight the other week. Who buys carpet at midnight? I try not to shop during anti-social hours. He's got to work silly hours on Boxing Day too.

* I've got the free course CD and booklet stashed somewhere from the Independent . Email me if it is of any use to you.

29 November, 2006 19:42  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

great post... i like these kind

poor lucifer! my dad's a vet, and i really feel like the vet should have asked more questions... or moved some of the hair out of the way... seriously!

let me know what you think about hostel... i've been wondering whether i should see it

shep: i saw stranger than fiction and it's one of my new favorite movies... i hope you like it... and if you don't... no judging! i don't care what you think... i LOVE it ;)

haahaha... i love reading your blog, * and all the many comments

29 November, 2006 22:28  
Blogger Tanya said...

I reckon she didn't tell the vet she found him because she wanted to keep him. It's a matter of course for vets to scan when you tell them you found the cat. Maybe she didn't want to give him up.

If she hadn't taken him to the vet, though, we would never have got him back, so I am grateful.

30 November, 2006 09:04  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Shep: Ah, yes, envy. Fair play. Not much I can say to that.

Martino: I'm really looking forward to it, I must say. I've not been to mainland Spain before, so it'll be cool. I'll look out for remnants of the Celtic invasion!

Ems: Till midnight selling carpets? That's just silly, isn't it? Like you say, who buys carpet at midnight? I try not to shop at antisocial hours, too. Sometimes it's inevitable, though. As to your CD, I think we might even have a copy of that here somewhere, so I'll get back to you, thanks.

Martha: Thanks, pet. I'm sure your dad wouldn't have let Lucifer undergo unnecessary surgery. I'll undoubtedly do a review (such as they are) of Hostel once I've seen it. I have a list of things here to watch at the moment, so I'm not sure when I'll get around to it!

30 November, 2006 09:04  
Anonymous Pie said...

A post about porn in general or a specific type? I'm intrigued.

I totally understand the mum thing though I haven't got to that stage yet. I'm not sure how long, if ever, until I'd be prepared to speak to her new husband.

LOL, you know it won't be the last pre-Christmas present. You'll give in.

30 November, 2006 10:36  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Pie: I don't know. General, I suppose, but covering some of the different types, too. Perhaps comparing old skool to new skool. Production values, stars, etc. Mums are funny creatures, and no messin'. And I definitely won't be giving Red any more Chrissy pressies until Chrimbo comes around!

30 November, 2006 11:45  
Blogger ginkers said...

Overprotective doesn't mean terrible in terms of parenting. At least, I hope not...

30 November, 2006 12:56  
Blogger Milla said...

Today being Thursday, you can spend some time thinking what you would do with $46 billion: that's how much your blog is worth, apparently. Imagine how many presents you could buy for Red...

30 November, 2006 13:22  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Ginkers: I guess not, really. But it's possible to be over-overprotective, isn't it? That's probably what I'd be.

Milla: Yes, that's a good idea. $46bn is a good sum of money. Of course, the fact that I fiddled with the figures and it's really worth about 12 vecchie lire or something is irrelevant. (Sshhh, don't tell anyone.)

30 November, 2006 13:50  
Blogger wrinkled weasel said...

Distant and uncommunicative mum?

I used to call my mum every week or two. I used to visit her when I could. I invited her to see me and the family but she never came. In fact, she never called me, not once not ever between the time I left home and the time I began a family. So I stopped calling her. I decided that you cannot have relationships, of any kind, that is one way. That was nearly twenty years ago and I am not expecting her to call anytime now. When my dad died, about 10 years ago, I never heard it from my mother. When my step father died, I never heard until after the funeral and not from her.

I am ruthless about relationships. They must be two-way or nothing. You cannot afford the pain.

30 November, 2006 14:09  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

WW: That's not a wholly good thing, is it? No offence, but I kind of hope not to go down that path. Equally, I am fascinated to see how long she would leave it without calling, y'know? Relationships do have to be two-way, though, absolutely.

30 November, 2006 17:47  
Blogger wrinkled weasel said...

No I am not offended. It is just the way it is and I have to be realistic about it. I took me a very long time, and ironically, the arrival of my two children to realise that all my parents did was feed me and give me a room until I was 12, and then my dad cleared off. Everything that happened after that was down to me.

That's why I get very angry about these people who murder little old ladies for drug money and then everyone says they are deprived and need "Help". If no one values you, you grow up feeling undervalued, but it doesn't give you a licence to fuck other peoples' lives up.

Sorry to be so self indulgent, but I felt I had to elaborate.

01 December, 2006 16:29  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

No problem, WW. I totally agree with you on the poor individuals who "don't know no better, guv, cos we had a terrible upbringing". They still know right from wrong, regardless. Load of old bollocks.

02 December, 2006 15:22  

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