Friday, October 20, 2006

Who’s a loser?

Yes, Wife and I were playing silly IM games again, when we both sent the same "loser" emoticon to each other at the exact same time. So exact, in fact, that their little hands moved perfectly in sync with other. Oh, how we ROFLOAO.


Blogger Red said...

Dude, we're so connected!

20 October, 2006 15:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least you are both aware of your social standing.

Well done. ;)


20 October, 2006 16:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you've made me beleive in soulmates again! *snicker* ;)

wv: grubs

20 October, 2006 16:28  
Blogger The_'Real'_Batman said...

Not as bad as texting someone whose in the same room or sitting next to you and thinking it's really funny.

20 October, 2006 20:56  
Blogger Pickled Olives said...

Hey, you two were in sync! Wait, wasn't "in sync" a boy band??

21 October, 2006 03:55  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Red: Yeah we are!

Steve: I'm under no false illusions on that score, that's for sure.

Lee: Awww, thank you!

Batman: Yeah, we've never done that. Phew!

Pickled: Yeah, I was Justin and she was Joey Fatone. Except she's not a joey, nor a fat one. And I wasn't just in.

21 October, 2006 16:43  
Blogger _z. said...

that's hilarious. were you guys in the same house? or in the same room?

22 October, 2006 04:45  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Same room, _z.! What a pair of dorks, huh?!

22 October, 2006 09:36  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

y'all are too precious

you both make me smile :)

24 October, 2006 06:05  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...


24 October, 2006 14:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's either really fucking cool, or just about the gayest thing I have ever seen. I'll let you know which way I swing...

25 October, 2006 00:51  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

It's not gay cos, like, I'm a boy and she's a girl. And you a scientist? Go figger.

26 October, 2006 13:42  

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