Thursday, September 28, 2006

Latest search terms to find me

famous people who collect keyrings
beatles bootlegs downloads
cat humping
audio story love
barnsley football hooligans
edward hopper
WAHMS get bad rap
child's play; seed of chucky and the Jamie bulger case
"loathe mobile phones"
soundtrack "911 loose change"
canavarro tattoo
mickey sharpz
buddy holly
blog about nowt
that's what makes the world go round music sheet
"helen willetts" pregnant?
arctic monkeys george formby
new model army
crazy scabble
"it's the end of something i did not want to end" lyrics the streets
punk music blogs
mitchell webb look
is there audience participation in evil dead the musical
keep make dogs from humping
mary carey
chinses babies
extras bbc2
adam ant signings bookshop

NB: all spelling mistakes are searchers' own.


Blogger Tanya said...

Most intriguing. But ... cat humping?

28 September, 2006 11:29  
Blogger Milla said...

Hoooo hoooo Cannavaro and New Model Army... that sums all my internet searches up in 4 words :)

What IS cat humping?

P.S. How did you find this info about your blog? Is there a special program you can use?

28 September, 2006 13:51  
Anonymous ranting dullard said...

Cat humping eh? Well, fair enough, if you are another cat I suppose.

People find my site by typing the word 'cunt'. I could find it quite offensive if I wasnt such an arrogant one.

28 September, 2006 14:08  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Tanya: Yep, I did a post about cat humping six months ago.

Milla: Cannavaro, huh? You'll undoubtedly like this, then, from Wife's blog. And see above for cat humping post. To get this info, I just use the referral part of sitemeter, but I think there are way fancier ways of doing it.

RD: See link above for cat humping. I assume cunt might bring people here, too, but for some reason it has never yet shown up in my lists...

28 September, 2006 15:17  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Oh what are talking about your word searches are boring?

this is some funny shit...I am dying, cat humping, famous people who collect keyrings, new model army and is there audience participation in evil dead the musical.

I'm losing it. So much fun!

You know, I also click on the referal and go to the list of searches to see what other sites turn is totally entertainment for me...

28 September, 2006 17:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"barnsley football hooligans"

what the?????

too close to home!
(the town, i aint no hooli!)

29 September, 2006 09:12  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Candy: Some of these aren't too bad, I guess. The ones you mention are okay, actually. I find I don't have enough time in the day for all the fun the intraweb can bring.

Cappy: Bizarre, isn't it? I guess that wasn't your search term then?

29 September, 2006 09:20  
Blogger Milla said...

Ah Grazie! I need to check out the functions on sitemeter...
E grazie del link di Cannavaro. I don't really agree about the other footballers, especially with chav-master Beckham, but Cannavaro...if he wants babies from me...I'll give him a whole football team's worth.

29 September, 2006 11:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't need to search you. you are on my list! check it out, i start at the top and work down!

30 September, 2006 13:16  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Milla: No problem. Yes, Wife got über excited during the World Cup, and even more so once Italy won, of course.

Cappy: Awww, you say the sweetest things. Mine's in alphabetical order to avoid giving the game away. But when I'm short of time, yours is one of the ones I visit regardless.

30 September, 2006 22:56  

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