Monday, August 21, 2006

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

The Cappuccino Kid requested we post an image that somehow sums up us or our blog or something. I may have lost sight of the original goal. "This is not what I asked for," is perhaps what a teacher would remark in the margin if this was my homework. Still, this pic kind of says something about me, or to me, or something. Or maybe I just like it.

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Blogger the cappuccino kid said...

3 stars young man. don't know why, cannot explain, but i think it is PERFECTLY you!

21 August, 2006 11:33  
Blogger Ranting Dullard said...

I love this pic.
Used to have a print hanging in a lousy student dive in Blackburn. Ohh the memories.

21 August, 2006 16:30  
Blogger Cynnie said...

I love it ..

22 August, 2006 01:33  
Blogger Fruning Graplecard said...

Being an admirer of Hopper myself (I have two) I can empathise. Hopper's work has a kind of washed out, Hemingwayesque feel; a kind of terse diary narrative that gets to the point. He paints momentary quietness but never anything bleak. The people are always busy, but only just. Everyhing is rendered with subtlety and fondness. In Nighthawks you get that film noir look of Alphaville or Double Indemnity - you can believe it's Walter Neff sitting there alone, brooding over his self-destruction while the guy behind the counter has seen it all before a hundred times or more.

22 August, 2006 12:29  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Cappy: Thanks. Wow, three stars!

RD: It's great, isn't it? Definitely a pic I could look at all the time.

Cynnie: Yup.

Fruning: And so LA Confidential, too, for me.

22 August, 2006 14:16  
Blogger Minerva Jane said...

hey there's an exhibit on hopper at the whitney here in nyc. he's one of my absolute favorites.

23 August, 2006 02:50  
Blogger Bart said...

Ahí te dejo más Hopper's

27 September, 2006 15:30  

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