Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This’ll be a good show...

The last play that Wife and I saw was in New York a few years ago, and it had Phillip Seymour Hoffman and John C Reilly in it: True West, written by Sam Shepard. But I think it's time to go to the theatre again, because, to borrow an expression from Soupdragon, Oh. My. Dog.

It seems, horror of horrors, that The Evil Dead, that most fabulous example of low-budget filmmaking, is set to become a musical and will hit an NYC stage in October.

Drowned In Sound reports that the first few rows of seating at the show will be a designated "splatter zone", so I guess we can expect blood aplenty.

I love the Evil Dead flicks, even though I saw them for the first time only six or seven years ago. And I love New York. Dare I suggest to Wife that we check out this theatrical experience...? Chainsaws and zombies and blood, oh my! It will be so cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An evil dead musical hey? Sounds good to me.

'Dont stick your nose in,
he's decomposing'



19 July, 2006 15:43  
Blogger Red said...

Not a chance, buster.

19 July, 2006 16:50  
Blogger Red said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

19 July, 2006 16:50  
Blogger Suze said...

The Evil Dead was one of the first "under the counter" films I watched. I watched it a couple of years ago and it is now showing it's age as far as special effects go.

Not sure how it would work on stage though.

19 July, 2006 21:09  
Blogger Martha Elaine Belden said...

wow... phillip seymour hoffman and john c. reilly in the same play and you got to see it in person!! SO JEALOUS!!

by the say this sounds awesome... hope red agrees to go along.

19 July, 2006 22:08  
Blogger the cappuccino kid said...

tell me *, is ny worth the visit. no offence to all my american freinds, but up to late i have had no desire whatsoever to go, mainly cos whenever it gets brought up, it tends to be disney type stuff thats mentioned. but i am getting more and more tempted by the delis and that kind of thing, than the touristy bollocks.

20 July, 2006 08:29  
Blogger Kate said...

Evil Dead - a musical. Please tell me you are joking. Is nothing safe from the lovies anymore.

20 July, 2006 10:40  
Blogger The Wanted Man said...

This sounds awesome. Will Campbell be starring? If so im there.

20 July, 2006 11:28  
Blogger The Wanted Man said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

20 July, 2006 11:28  
Blogger apositivepessimist said...

hmmm wonder if it will become a cult-like musical like RHPS with its audience participation. letting rip with yer own chainsaw etc....whoaaa kewl.

20 July, 2006 14:53  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

It'll be interesting to see how this story develops, that's for sure.

Cappy: NYC is DEFINITELY worth visiting. It's, like, the best city on earth! Why not go in October and see this play, and check out lovely Central Park in almost autumnal colours?

20 July, 2006 15:37  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

I am so curious about this what an announcement. I 've watched Evil Dead ridiculous times...and Suze, I can assure you, I saw it a long time ago when it was fresh and the special effects were dated the, it's kind of the point.

Who know how Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson were gonna blossom huh?

I wore out copis of Dead Alive and Evil Dead back in the day...

If you guys do go to NY in the falll, maybe Stagg and I should meet ya?

20 July, 2006 16:02  
Blogger Soupdragon said...

O my dog!!! Fucking excellent!!
Hmmm... who to cast as a singing ~ SINGING ~ Ashley Williams??

Ta fer the heads up, mate. Fooking greht it that!!

(typin wi one hand ~ no, not cos i'm watching SeanPorn, but cos I burnt my bowmen's fingers to buggery and can't use em)

Have to work in some classic lines, or its not worth it, eh. What could we possibly leave out? Sugar? Worksheds? Groovy?

Waaaaa... the possibilities are - limited, LOL


21 July, 2006 17:06  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Candy: I've not seen any of the old Jackson movies, but I like Sam Raimi lots.

Soupy: Exciting, innit?

22 July, 2006 07:13  

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