Thursday, July 06, 2006

Foreign Film category changes

I, for one, am glad to read the news that the Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the people behind the Oscars) has changed the rules governing entry for the Foreign Film category. [Source: BBC News]

It has always seemed ridiculous that a foreign film had to be in the language of the country that was submitting the film. This has recently led to the Italian film Private being disallowed because it is set in the Middle East and all the dialogue is in ... well, "Middle Eastern". You know, like Arabic and Hebrew. (Incidentally, Private wasn't half bad. Check it out if you get the chance.)

I think there was also some controversy recently over a Palestinian film, because Palestine is not recognized as a country. Or something. (I get very confused about all that stuff.)

Anyway, the rules have changed, and now any language can be used by any country, as long as the film's dominant language is not English. "If the Taiwanese want to send us a picture with exclusively Portuguese dialogue this year, we're ready for them," said Bruce Davis, executive director of the Academy, in response to a situation that "didn't seem fair". So that's all good, then.

He looks happy about it anyway

Now all they need to do is address the problem of only one entry being permitted for each country and we might be getting somewhere.


Blogger a.c.t said...

That rule was really stupid and it's great that it's changed. That Palestinian film you're talking about it 'Paradise Now' and really is a fantastic film, you should try and see it. Palestine is a part of Israel in case you're interested. I'll have to look into that Italian film, it's about time Italy made some decent films.

06 July, 2006 12:45  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

And if one doesn't recognize the existence of Israel, then where is Palestine?

I may well check out that film, thanks. And I'll try to put together a list of good Italian films I've seen recently. Wife is very good at picking them.

06 July, 2006 12:48  
Blogger Red said...

Isn't Palestine defined as an "occupied territory"? Well, it is in my book, anyway.

06 July, 2006 12:49  
Blogger a.c.t said...

It is an occupied territory, but it's not a country in its own right. A bit complex, have a look at this and it will explain all

Always keen to hear about good Italian films. Have you seen "Io non ho Paura?"

06 July, 2006 16:19  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

In part I was being slightly facetious and playing devil's advocate about Israel. It is bizarre, though. If Palestine is part of Israel, what about 60 years ago, when Israel didn't exist...? I checked out your link and Wikipedia, but I don't feel much better informed!

I saw Io Non Ho Paura at the cinema in Italy, funnily enough. I do that occasionally. It's always a bit of a step into the unknown, watching in Italian without subtitles. By the way, Wife and I saw Diego Abatantuono walking in the street one evening in Milan a couple of years back. We walked right by him.

I will get a film list posted soon then...

06 July, 2006 16:34  
Blogger a.c.t said...

Meditteraneo is one of the best Italian films of all time isn't it? I bet that guy had charisma oozing from him when you saw him.

07 July, 2006 00:03  

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