Friday, July 07, 2006

7/7: one year on

I know some Muslims.

I know some people from Yorkshire.

But I don't know any Muslims from Yorkshire.

They don't have a very good reputation.

This is because a year ago four of them decided to carry out what has become known as "Britain's 9/11".

Of course, 7/7 was not on the same scale as 9/11. There were no aeroplanes involved. No buildings that were legendary in their design and size and silhouette. No targets that were obviously "capitalist" or "governmental".

No, 7/7 was ordinary.

Four ordinary boys taking ordinary modes of transport: buses and Tube trains. With explosives.

7/7 was 9/11's little brother.

No exaggeration; no frills.

The low-budget version of the Hollywood epic.

But it was ours.

The faces of those killed in the attacks can be seen here.


Blogger Pie said...

I was going to write an article on this but it made me so angry as I wrote the words.

I have asked for our office to respect the silence at work at midday, unfortunately some of the people here have said they have no intention of doing it.

07 July, 2006 09:59  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

There's still loads of evil out there. We'll never forget them.

07 July, 2006 10:22  
Blogger wrinkled weasel said...

This was not only an attack on the victims, it was an attack on all who value our way of life. We should stand with them and observe the moment of their violent passing.

07 July, 2006 10:53  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Pie: I think it is terrible that some firm would deny the right to a couple of minutes' silence for this. The choice should be that of the individual, and the company should oblige those who wish to pay silent respect.

4D: Hear hear.

WW: Absolutely. It really pisses me off that freedom is considered such a threat by some of these terrorist types. They must be very insecure.

Peace to all.

08 July, 2006 06:49  

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