Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So long, and thanks for all the chicks

I was sad to see that Wrinkled Weasel has seemingly written his last witticism, penned his last post, created his last comic moment - at least as far as Wrinkled Weasel's World goes.

I suppose blogs come and go. I'm pretty new to it all, and this is the first in my little circle that has disappeared, not counting the traumatic but thankfully short-lived disappearances of Rants from the Dull and The Anti-Crapitalist. At least with those two the end was not announced, and so it somehow seemed temporary or a mistake or that something sinister was at work.

Weasel has just decided that enough is enough. In part, it appears that he didn't feel his efforts were being rewarded with comments. I guess this is understandable. All of us put a lot of thought into what we put on our blogs. These words represent us and are part of us, and it's nice if they're appreciated. We are exposing ourselves to the world, all too aware that the world just might not care what we have to say.

I, for one, hope Weasel returns. But if he chooses not to return, I hope at least that he still pops up from time to time in our comment boxes.

And just while I'm on the subject and feeling a bit soppy, I'd like to thank those of you who stop by here on a regular basis and leave comments. It is nice to feel appreciated.


Blogger Pie said...

I commented one or two times on WW's blog, perhaps I would have commented more in future. Of the short time we did communicate we had two noticable disagreements but no insulting or arguing with each other.

I suppose we all hope people will come and read our work, and the most obvious evidence of this is comments being left or hit counters rolling up. I think today I will leave more comments for people than usual, in the hope that more people will continue writing.

28 June, 2006 08:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never heard of him. Lots of blogs out there, I like 'stumbling' across blogs and I always find it interesting how when we research the archives nobody responds for weeks. Then one by one comments appear.
'Tis an interesting thing this blogging. Drives my current wife mad.

28 June, 2006 08:42  
Blogger Sir Stewart Wallace said...

Shame I only heard about him now.
His blog was no bad, plus he likes Caol Ila, which is never a bad thing.

Oh well.

Mind you, it's been going on for 2 weeks since the last activity Bawbags, so I might be heading the same way.

28 June, 2006 08:49  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Pie: WW and I had many pleasant exchanges on each other's blogs on the subjects of film, music, and religion. Surely the great topics of our day. Nice thought about leaving more comments than usual. I may try that too.

RD: My missus was confused at how easily I got dragged into blogging, but now that she's doing it too, she totally understands! It is interesting how the comments slowly creep up. You were the first person to blogroll me, and I won't forget it!

BB: If people can't get along over a good Scotch, then what is the world coming to?! Hope you're kidding about heading the same way.

28 June, 2006 09:49  
Blogger a.c.t said...

I can't believe it I'll really miss him. I've written a tribute to him, I hope he reads it and changes his mind.

28 June, 2006 10:14  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Interesting you bring this up...I am sorry if W.W. has taken a break, I just got into his blog and was following it, I especially liked his "quote of the week" effort.

This is timely for me...after sucha short time blogging, I think we started blogging about the same time Asterisk...I feel so attached and excited to read your blog..and Red's too. I am in Canada and miss my computer as much as my apartment! I have come to check my friends blogs here before I even MORE THAN MY E MAIL!!!

I think that blogs are like tattoos...the onl people who have issues with tats are those who don't have any. Same with blogs...hw do I explain that I LOVE coming to see you guys, it's like the virtual living rooms of other people...that's how I see it. And I haven't been able to get online for a week...and what I missed checking in on you all!!!!

It's added a whole valuable dimension to my life, what you think of movies or whatever. It is like going to someone's flat and hanging out for a bit ya know?

And I especially find the familiar surroundings of my friends blogs a comfort zone while on the road. I got a rush when I hit Fat Fiz and you and 4Dins just now...ah homey sort of sensation!

Here I am somewhere in Torotno and I opened up a Heineken can and just eased into a familiar friendly zone.

I madly posted some photos at my blog and then hit the links to see you!

So W.W. if you are reading this...or someone else feels like their blog isn't important...well I think it is. We might not be able to check in every day...or make a long comment but we WILL catch up when we have some regular schedule...

much love and happy thoughts!(I found a computer I can use while on the road, yipee!)

love Candy

28 June, 2006 19:06  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Thanks for this great comment, Candy, and for your kind words. It's much appreciated. But when are you coming back? I'm missing your regular posts!

29 June, 2006 18:29  
Blogger Soupdragon said...

You have to blog as long as one person still reads. Tis law, my friend. And that person that will always read yer blog is me.
So don't stop. It'd start me an everyone else collapsin like dominos like on that beer advert.

30 June, 2006 16:16  

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