Wednesday, June 21, 2006

“It’s comin’ home, it’s comin’ home, it’s comin’ – football’s comin’ home”

Umm, no it's not, not if last night's crock-of-shite game is anything to go by. How is it that England matches are so bloody boring almost all the time, regardless of whether they win, lose, or draw? They're just so... undynamic.


Blogger The Wanted Man said...

I was planning to do a little post about how shite England games have been. Might still do if I can't think anything else, ha! I can't wait for England to play a semi good team who will fucking thrash them, just so nob heads stop yelling Eng-ger-land. Saying that though they'll probably just riot.

21 June, 2006 10:51  
Blogger Cynnie said...

I just can't get into ya'lls's all shite..
Hell, I can't even get into our football..

21 June, 2006 14:09  
Blogger Pie said...

The trick to getting into football is to feverently cheer on your team, build up all your hopes of them beating the greatest teams in the world, drink lots of beer and shout a lot and then collapse into unconsciousness when they inevitably fail to beat even the lowliest of teams.

I promised myself I wouldn't do that this year, I failed.

21 June, 2006 14:43  
Blogger wrinkled weasel said...

I kept wondering why the Swedes looked like IKEA workers, and then the penny dropped.

Wayne Rooney is no George Best is he?

21 June, 2006 15:22  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

I don't like Rooney. Strange, because I like elephants and I like pigs. But that pig-faced elephant boy really irks me.

21 June, 2006 16:15  
Blogger The Wanted Man said...

He has a head like a spud.

21 June, 2006 17:07  
Blogger tideliar said...

Hmmm. I enjoyed the IKEA game. Alright, so there was trouble with us finishing off (ahem), but it was still a good attacking game. We took the game to the Swedes and kept them on the back foot for the majority of the game, and our defending at the end was superb. They had, what? 8 fucking corners with set pieces and only ended up scoring at 90mins when they got lucky and three of our lads missed the ball.

21 June, 2006 17:32  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Drink lots and lots and lots of beer and they look ok. After you've passed out.

21 June, 2006 17:33  

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