Thursday, June 22, 2006

Come on, you Azzurri!

Being in an Anglo-Italian household, I have to give full support to Italy during the World Cup, as well as to England. And this year, the Azzurri are playing particularly well (that is, in comparison to their old ways when Trapattoni was coach). At least they are attacking a bit under Lippi's control.

So they've gone through at the top of their group, due in no small part to this man, Gennaro Gattuso.
In our household, Gattuso has long been hailed as something of a hero, and yet again he proved his worth today. He even got name-checked for his greatness by the English commentators.

But what has always struck me is how much he looks like Captain Caveman, below.
What do you think?



Blogger Pie said...

I loved Captain Caveman. Gonna hunt down some cartoons from t'web now.

To be fair I've not given Italy the credit they deserve this year, they are still a very good team. I've been watching small teams like Ghana instead, but I won't mention them in case any of our American cousins are watching...

22 June, 2006 18:28  
Blogger a.c.t said...

He certainly is a caveman but a great hero of mine in the rossoneri. He isn't really that brilliant, but I love him all the same for his stamina and general headless chicken-esque tackles.

22 June, 2006 23:14  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

He runs and runs and runs.

23 June, 2006 19:11  
Blogger Sir Stewart Wallace said...

I will never forgive the man for once playing for Glasgow Rangers.

25 June, 2006 12:45  
Blogger The_'Real'_Batman said...

Another Anglo-Italian household!

God, I've just my eyes against the TV watching us scraped through and seeing the team get accused of diving when the English are at it as well. God.

Have to agree with you on Gattuso - with Cannavaro and Buffon, he is the reason we still have a chance.

26 June, 2006 18:25  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Baw Bag: Sorry you feel that way. But we can still be friends, can't we...?

Shamash: Welcome. That was one scary match. But here's hoping...

27 June, 2006 10:36  

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