Saturday, May 20, 2006

A rocking good time

I enjoyed The School of Rock with Jack Black - thought it was fun.

I tuned in to watch Gene Simmons bring his own version to UK schools in both series of Rock School, too. The first series was a posh school; the second was a comprehensive. Both shows were compelling.

So it was inevitable that I would watch the US documentary film that is also, somewhat confusingly, called Rock School. I suppose there are only so many variations of names for a show or film about a school that teaches rock.

This latest effort is rather interesting. Where Black was a fun faux teacher, and Simmons was a No More Mr Nice Guy cut-the-shit type, Paul Green, the tutor and founder of the rock school in the documentary, is a bit of a psycho. And not a particularly likable psycho, either.

He's not supposed to be wholly likable, of course. He kind of tries to keep in with the kids by swearing and shit like that, but he comes across as a bit of a nerdy paedo type. And he basically forces the kids to listen to the music he likes: Zappa. I'm not familiar with Zappa, although I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

The kids are really cool, though: they definitely make the movie worth a look. It's quite amazing how talented some of them are; and watching 8-year-olds doing Ozzy impressions has got to be worth the video hire price!

Overall, a good movie. It's only 85 minutes, too, so you can squeeze it in before Prison Break on a Monday evening or something.

If I was a rock-school teacher, though, I'd have the kids learning something a bit more contemporary. This is my current pick (with help from Wife) of what "da kidz" should be listening to and learning to play. Here you go, Camie: you kind of asked for this.

This list is based on bands that still exist today, so the kids can relate. Of course, if we're talking the annals of history, that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish...

Alkaline TrioFall Out BoyFranz Ferdinand
Funeral For A FriendGreen Day Interpol
My Chemical Romance Panic! At The Disco Razorlight
System Of A DownTrivium Weezer

Today I'm listening to: From Under the Cork Tree, by Fall Out Boy



Blogger a.c.t said...

I love School of Rock - in fact I love Jack Black in general. As stupid as it is, I really love Shallow Hal, it cracks me up.

20 May, 2006 20:14  
Blogger Meander said...

i had never heard of that movie...i will have to go look for it. did you say it was a documentary?

20 May, 2006 21:22  
Blogger Camie Vog said...

School of Rock makes my heart go a flutter! Jack Black, well, I wish I could invite him to my house.

How do you like that Fall Out Boy??
It has been playing non-stop on that iPod thingy attached to my ears...

21 May, 2006 01:03  
Blogger Ol' Lady said...

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Could you stop by my blog and vote for me? Thanks have a great day

21 May, 2006 01:45  
Blogger FOUR DINNERS said...

Mozart, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, early Elvis, Stones, Bowie, Punk, Grunge, more Punk .....lesson planned.

Lookin' forward t'yer list

21 May, 2006 11:09  
Blogger Red said...

I thought the teacher in Rock School was thoroughly unlikeable. What a tosser. And so far up his own arse. And of course, when he uttered those immortal words "Having a baby puts everything in perspective", I knew I was on to a loser.

The twins were cute, though, especially the drummer. But then, I have a passion for drummers...

21 May, 2006 15:11  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

I'm amazed at how many women dig Jack Black.

22 May, 2006 09:24  

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