Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Madonna’s cross, but not as cross as the Church

The controversy of Madonna's "crucifixion" (magari*) in her new stage show is making the front pages of some British papers this morning. Interesting that the godless tabloids are so offended. Hypocritical cunts. But we knew that anyway.

* Italian lesson of the day: in this context, magari translates as "if only" or "I wish".



Blogger a.c.t said...

The thing is, Madonna doesn't need to be controversial anymore, she's so successful and it won't make her any more popular. That stuff is boring now - when she used to be controversial wth her Blond Ambition Tour all those years ago, it was original. She can't seem to letgo of her youth.

23 May, 2006 10:36  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

I know. She's such a loser. I really really don't like her. And I think it's a shame that she's arguably ruined Guy Richie's name. Okay, maybe he would have proved to be a one-trick pony anyway, but making that movie together, and now there's apparently another joint effort in the pipeline... Bad idea.

This stuff with the crucifix, though: as you say, ACT, it's all been done before and is so old now. Much like Madonna. Put some fucking clothes on and stop being such a stupid cunt.

23 May, 2006 10:44  
Blogger a.c.t said...

I saw bits of that film 'Swept Away' as it was on TV a few weeks ago. I've never seen such a big pile of crap. Madonna's a pretty good singer but she can't act at all. To be fair, she has had lots of success whereas Guy Ritchie must feel like such a prick next to her with his failed career. He made a couple of decent films a while back, I wonder what happened?

23 May, 2006 12:58  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Ha ha...oh you boys!

Um, I can totally see what you mean and why you feel the way you do...but I am a diehard Madonna fan! She is incredible in concert and her tricks never fail to entertain me...I love the mirrored cross prop idea. Sounds funky.

Um, heh heh I have tickets for her show here in Chicago in three weeks.

I am very used to being teased for loving to dance to Madonnas music...my friends all hate her and think I am a yob for liking her, but it's all in good fun.

You are gonna barf when I say this...but I think people were too hard on Swept Away. I am HUGR fan of the original movie by lena Waertmuller...I am not so sure a remake was needed but having said that...I actually enjoyed the remake...even had a little cry at the ending. No Madonna is not a very good actress. I would love to put her ina movie with me though because I think I could direct her and help her be more natural (I am a good acting coach!) I thought she was excellent in Evita...

I still think we will see good from Guy Richie...soon. (I also read that Madonna said she'll never act agin so you'll be okay!)


(different strokes for different folks?)

23 May, 2006 17:36  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Candy, I felt a bit bad being so hard on Madonna, but only cos I know you like her. Still, at least we have Nirvana, Spider-Man, and The Matrix in common!

23 May, 2006 19:46  
Blogger wrinkled weasel said...

Yeah but, no, but, can you imagine how embarassed her kids are these days? Rocco and Lourdes I believe they are called. "Hey kid, I hear your Mum prances about with a big glass cross" "And buys Kabbala water at 60 quid a bottle" "and is married to a failed film director" "and looks like she has a bogie stuck to her face" "yes, Like a Virgin, but not quite, eh? more - "Like an old slapper"

23 May, 2006 22:55  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Heh heh...

...well I bet the kids and Guy are really embarassed...and crying in their bags of money...all the way to the toy store and tech shop...

No worries Asterisk I am so used to being razzed about Madonna. I read another blog today that said she is old and tired and not controversial so it's funny to compare that. The liberals think she is cliche and religious right are outraged...hmmm... maybe she does know what shes doing?

Here we are now entertain us...

24 May, 2006 07:10  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Okay, I guess open season on Madonna has finished... For now.

24 May, 2006 19:06  

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