Sunday, April 16, 2006

World news: USA

Celeb-gossip site E! Online has revealed that a new season of Rock Star will go ahead, following the success of last summer's must-watch train-wreck TV show Rock Star: INXS.

The point of last year's hit show was to find a new singer to front shitty Australian "rock" band INXS. Winner JD Fortune was obviously their man from the get-go. It had something to do with the fact he was always dribbling all over the aging "music" makers, sticking his hand down the backs of their trousers and fiddling around, and looking for new and inventive ways of sliding his tongue into their flies without getting it caught on the zipper.

The new show's remit is slightly less fun, as they look for a new frontperson for an as-yet-unformed "supergroup", which will include drummer Tommy Lee.

Übercool (but crazy-beard-sporting) Dave Navarro (pictured above) returns to host, as does drippy Brooke Something-or-other. Guest critics will include Moby and ridiculous, parody-of-himself, hat-wearing-motherfucker Slash.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

Hi, Really like hearing your view of American idol. Who do you think will win. I always thought K. I wonder. I thought she was sweet at first but now almost everyone except Eliot seems kind of fake. Like Kelly Pickle represents a clone of Jessica Simpson, Ace a clone of Michael bolton...

I wonder why do i watch it...I hate the style of singing, but its for the soap opera. The faint sense of The Chorus Line or Fame...but so barely.

I like Canadian Idol, but still not because of the singing style. It is more personality of the kids. They are typical Canadians self depricating humour and silly and earnest.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't blogland fun? And yes, i actually watched pete Tong and really loved it. I was scared and laughing and liked the whole thing. Also a fan of his first movie FUBAR. Canadian too. And you're gonna hate this, I have tickets for madonna. I even enjoyed her interview on BBC the other night. Well, at least it was the other night here in U.S.A.

I enjoyed reading your music lists too. Some funny stuff here too. Like the swearing, but obviously don't trust my opinion heh heh.


17 April, 2006 07:15  

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