Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Two birds, one bush

No, not Siamese twins. And yes, it may be a mixed metaphor, but what the hell.

Today, I had a surprise. The missing package referenced in my post Royal Mail "service" turned up at my door. The postie said: "It was uncalled for." I was too sleepy to wittily retort that it was "totally fucking called for, dude" and instead grunted, "Uh?" He explained that they didn't pick it up from the sorting office – i.e., the intended recipient, my sister, who swears black and blue that no card was put through her door. And I believe her.

Thing is, I also received my compensation cheque later in the morning. I'll send that back, honest man (mug) that I am, but only once I'm happy the parcel has got there tomorrow. I'm trying Special Delivery this time, and my sis has assured me she'll be there all morning...


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