Monday, April 03, 2006

Tonight’s telly

It’s my favourite night on t’box, Monday is. We have America’s Next Top Model, which is surely one of the most train-wreck must-watch shows on TV. Unfortunately now the cute NYC dyke has gone it won’t be half as much fun. That and the fact that we already know who wins cos we accidentally saw it on a blog. Fucking blogs – I hate ’em.

And then it’s Prison Break – a whole hour of Lincoln Burrows moping around with a furrowed brow. Fuck’s sake, you’re only on Death Row for a crime you didn’t commit, dude. Lighten up. And his genius brother with phone numbers and a map of the prison tattooed on his body and cunningly disguised as some Gothicky artwork. Did someone say “bullshit” at the back? Well, I like it.


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