Thursday, April 20, 2006

That Pete Doherty, eh?

Now, I don't mind a bit of Libertines. First album's good. Second a bit less good.

But fair's fair: if any other cunt had been arrested twice, carrying, on one occasion, "0.406g of heroin, 0.776g of crack cocaine, 0.332g of cannabis resin, and 5.94g of cannabis", and, on the other occasion, "3.103g of heroin, 3.664g of crack cocaine, and 2.503g of cannabis", they'd probably be looking at some kind of jail term.

Doherty, though, looking all doe-eyed (or should that be stoned?) as usual, gets a two-year "supervision order" and 18 months' rehab. [Source BBC News]

What a fuckin' waster, to borrow a line from one of Pete's own songs. He's probably lost all his mates too, since he nicks stuff from their houses to pay for his drugs.

Listening to: "What A Waster" single, by The Libertines.

Well, y'know, the story got me in the mood for a listen.


Blogger the cappuccino kid said...

AND goes to buy a car carrying a half drunk bottle of j.d., finishes it, and drives off in yet another 2nd hand jag!

21 April, 2006 10:28  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Apparently he got arrested again last night, a couple of hours after his court appearance!

21 April, 2006 19:13  

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