Saturday, April 29, 2006

Short and sweet

So, our weekend guests arrived, and we picked them up from Stansted airport. That's, like, a 4-hour round trip right there. Fun! Although, on the bright side, it gave Wife and me a much-needed break from our computer screens.

By the time we got back home it was 5.45pm. So we sat around a little while, have a chat over some coffee, give 'em the Grand Tour of the house (it's their first time here; y'know how it is), do a bit of shopping for dinner, eat dinner, and then Wife and I go back to work, finishing at just before 1am.

Then this morning, at 6am, Cat, who's totally fucked off with having to share his house with two strangers, starts miaowing outside their bedroom door, which is usually our bedroom but we gave it up for the guests cos it's bigger than the spare room. See how fucking nice we are? Selfless and shit. And Cat, as some of you might remember [click here if you don't], likes to observe the nesting pigeons from our bedroom window. So he's really pissed that he can't get his ringside seat. In the meantime, of course, his miaows have woken us up, but not them. Oblivious!

So we're gonna put in a couple of hours work before showing them some of the sights of London taaahn. Might go on that London Eye thing. Wife and I have never been on it. But I'm scared of heights. Watch this space...



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