Saturday, April 22, 2006

Now that’s what I call politics

I don't normally buy a daily paper. Most of the news I pick up comes directly from Wife, who then tells me where I might find it online so I can read for myself. Or I watch the TV news headlines or click on English Ranter a couple of times a day.

Today, though, I bought the guardian (all in lower-case letters, cos that's the way they like it), largely for the free Super Size Me DVD. Again, this is not something I do often, cos free DVDs are usually completely devoid of extras, are in the wrong aspect ratio, etc etc. But to be honest, as much as I liked this film, and as much as I liked Morgan Spurlock's TV show 30 Days, and as much as I loved his book Don't Eat This Book, I couldn't see myself actually buying the disc at full price.

So I get my paper home and take it out of all the plastic that they wrap it in (so much wastage...) and there's a big banner at the top advertising the fact that there's a free DVD. And on the bottom right there's a small red box that seems to continue the theme, saying "Everything McDonald's does is questionable. See back page." (Or something like that.)

Intrigued (who wouldn't be?), I turn to the back page. There in all its splendour is a full-page ad for McDonald's. "If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and we'll give you a straight answer," it tells us. (Again, I'm paraphrasing slightly cos the paper's downstairs.)

I guess they couldn't possibly give away a free "anti-McDonald's" film and present a full-page interview with the guy who wrote Fast Food Nation without offering McD's its chance to counter the "attack".

Heaven forbid!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question for McDonalds 'Why dont you fuck off?'

Straight question to me!

22 April, 2006 18:50  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

I think you should put that on a postcard and send it to Ronald straightaway.

22 April, 2006 18:52  
Blogger ENGLISH RANTER said...

Yeah bit wet of the guardian though, isn't it? Why didn't they tell McDonalds to go fuck 'emselves.
That's advertising departments for you.
Still I can't see the Mac Baddy picking up many new customers from it.
I can, however, see plenty of people vowing to never eat there again after watching the movie!


ps, these chinese people losing their homes for the Olympics... didn't the same happen in Barcelona and then they eventually decided it was the best thing that ever happened there..?
mind you in Barcelona they probably had a democratic bullshit planning process I suppose.
One more thing - remember no one in China is homeless. It's part of the commie constitution that the state will provide you with accomodation if you are a comrade.
What you get though, may well be a shoebox by the side of a chemical works...

22 April, 2006 19:29  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Shoebox? Luxury!

Yeah, Wife and I watched Super Size Me about 18 months ago, and we didn't eat McD's again for about a year, and then only because we were on a long drive and were starving. Don't think we've eaten there since. Prefer to hit Ed's when the burger need arises.

23 April, 2006 11:38  

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