Monday, April 17, 2006

Movie fun

It's been a while since we received the two Dekalog discs from LoveFilm, and with the exception of episode 4 (details here), we have not found the willpower to watch any of the other four episodes that have been languishing beside the DVD player and wasting our subscription fee.

Until last night, that is. There's something about working all day every day of Easter weekend, and entertaining four unexpected guests including two children, and putting up with screaming lunatic neighbours that makes you think, "You know, perhaps now is a good time to watch Thou shalt not kill."

So, well fed on a humungous portion of Wife's penne fiorentina, and with a glass and a half of wine in me belly, we set the disc a-spinnin'.

Well, cunt me with a cunting stick. I can be as much of a movie snob as the next cunt, and I like some pretty arcane, esoteric, poncey shit, but those fuckers who rate this series must be off their fucking heads. It's like some cunt told them, "This is a masterpiece," and they all fell for it like the suckers they are. Thou shalt not fucking snooze, more like.

For me, this episode was considerably less interesting than episode 4; Wife, conversely, preferred this, and indeed she stayed awake throughout. She also reminded me that we did well not to watch the extended cinema version, A Short Film About Killing – not fucking short enough, Krzysztof, you cunt.

Anyway, that's it – the whole fucking lot is going in the post today. And if I never see another cunting Kieslowski film again, it'll be too fucking soon.


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