Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mojo dickheads

Went shopping at Sainsbury's and – against my better judgment – bought a copy of the latest Mojo magazine, mainly cos it had an Elvis covers CD on the front. Also cos it had "the 100 best albums released since Mojo was launched 15 years ago". I'm a sucker for those dumb lists.

Anyway, Elliott Smith's Either/Or had a pretty respectable showing, at number 24.

I read the review, being quite familiar with the record: Smith is probably Wife's fave artist. And yes, she liked him before his death. We even saw him play in London...

I couldn't help myself from blurting out what those Mojo cocks had written, what they had called Elliott, presumably thinking it was a cunting compliment.

"I didn't hear that," said Wife.

"I'll never repeat it," said I.

"Never say it again," she reiterated.

I won't. Not even here.

Did you know...? The word "mojo" is foreign; it means "tossers who are hung up on the '60s".

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