Thursday, April 06, 2006

iPod fun!

Record Collector magazine apparently issues to certain musical celebs the iPod Shuffle Challenge, in which the chosen one sets his/her iPod to Shuffle mode then reveals what the first 10 or 20 (depends on the celeb I guess) songs played are. (They do ask for honest answers!)

Since I'm not a celeb, I thought I'd best not hang around waiting for RC to ask me. Here's mine. As a PS, Wife and I share the iPod; therefore, a (W) shows which tracks are hers.

1. "All She's Got", Sum 41
2. "December", Weezer (W)
3. "Guys Like Me", Aimee Mann
4. "Liberté", Charles Trenet (W)
5. "Bo Diddley", Buddy Holly
6. "Unnecessary Trouble", Hard-Fi (neither of us accepts responsibility)
7. "Down So Long", Jewel (W)
8. "Peggy Sue", Buddy Holly
9. "At Night", The Cure
10. "Un Rien Me Fait", Charles Trenet (W)

Anyway, if anyone out there is reading this, why not leave your first ten as a comment? Cheers.


Anonymous Wife said...

The first half of this list is so not representative of my taste in music. Never mind, I'll just blame the sharedniness of the iPod...

Logical Song (Supertramp, from the Magnolia soundtrack)
Train Train (Billy Bragg)
You Got A Killer Scene There, Man... (QOTSA)
Deathly (Aimee Mann)
Guilty (The Rasmus)
La Casa di Hilde (Francesco de Gregori)
Lover I Don't Have To Love (Bright Eyes)
Neighborhood 3/Power Out (Arcade Fire)
Termite Song (Joseph Arthur)
It's All Understood (Jack Johnson)

06 April, 2006 14:40  
Blogger ~ erika gabrielle said...

Okay, since i AM reading. Hahaha.

1 "Glory of Love", Peter Cetera
2 "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", Harry Nilson
3 "Aint Over Till It's Over", Lenny Kravitz
4 "Everytime I Close My Eyes", Babyface
5 "That's All", Michael Bublé
6 "Goodbye Girl", Bread/David Gates
7 "Crazy", Aerosmith
8 "Gravity", John Mayer Trio
9 "Why Did You Mess With Forever", John Mayer
10 "Hard Habit To Break", Chicago

That's it! I'm a kid so those are my choices for now. :)

06 April, 2006 15:41  

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