Wednesday, April 19, 2006


will always love crack. Oh I will always love crack.

In this picture, we see the one-time darling of the music industry Whitney Houston removing all her platinum records from her wall in order to sell them for crack cocaine.

Look at the way she's smiling maniacally at the thought of her next fix. It really is very sad.

Apparently she's back in rehab. I wish her joy and happiness, but above all this, I wish her love (and crack).


Blogger Camie Vog said...

Your post confirms the story my buddy at Fluffy Stuffin' told me yesterday. We were listening to a Black Eyed Peas song (Don't Phunk with my Heart)in which they sing "I'll play Bobbie, you play Whitney"...Fluffy, after hearing this line says "Oooo, that's not the couple I'd like to play...She gets all jacked out on crack and shits all over her house, leaving Bobbie to clean it up. Bobbie is the last guy I'd pretend to be..." After hearing that little bit of news, I have to agree...I noticed they left the "poop" info out of the IMBD article, hahaha

19 April, 2006 15:05  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Mmmm. Whitney poo. Now there's something I didn't think I would ever have to contemplate. In fact, that's right up there with living with Bobbi Brown. Tho' at least she's got him well trained. Dare I ask who wears the trousers in that relationship?

The good news is that the word "Shitney" now works on more than one level. Excellent.

19 April, 2006 15:17  
Blogger Camie Vog said...

Hahahaha! You are brilliant asterisk!

19 April, 2006 16:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hes great eh camie?

20 April, 2006 03:02  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Thank you, thank you!

20 April, 2006 08:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She has a lovely bum though doesnt she

20 April, 2006 10:01  
Blogger the cappuccino kid said...

she will never look better than on the back of her debut album.
oh that legs slightly apart, back arched swimsuit shot!

21 April, 2006 10:26  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

Yeah, but... she's Whitney Houston, guys! You just know she'll start screeching some godawful racket at any time of the day or night. And that is not good.

21 April, 2006 17:12  
Blogger bob said...

The ear-piercing crazy caterwaul of a chemical-soaked banshee is not a turn on. Nosiree, not me. Especially one who controls a shadow army of killer weasels.

24 April, 2006 02:52  

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