Thursday, April 06, 2006

“Feed me!”

When Cat comes calling, I'd best be ready to just drop everything and feed him. Or prepare to have my balls well and truly busted.

Granted, I shouldn't complain, and – like all "parents" say – I wouldn't be without him. But, boy, can he whine. I mean, he can be one miaowy motherfucker!

All he wants is attention. He's slept from 8am to 5pm. He wants some love. Which either means he wants some food, or he wants to play "throw me something to chase", or he wants to get horny with my arm. None of which I can give him while desperately trying to finish my day's workload (which ain't never gonna happen, by the way).

But he's cute as all hell when he sits on my desk with his arms folded, then blinks at me with love.

Can't you just feel your fucking heart melting, you hard-ass?



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