Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Eamonn feckin’ Holmes

What twat decided that Eamonn Holmes was fit for anything other than breakfast telly?

I mean, firstly putting him on that kids’ spelling bee show – The Hard Spell, is it? I bet that thick fuck can’t even spell his own name. Seems a somewhat inappropriate host, wouldn’t you think?

Then he moved to Sky News, seemingly as some sort of star newscaster – a secret weapon against the BBC’s “war on shit news programmes”.

But he’s also bagged a new role as part of his move to Sky – that of investigative journalist. Don’t make me laugh! What the fuck is he going to investigate?! Well, here’s a hint to the sort of talent Sky thinks it has on its hands: his first show is the Roswell video hoax.

Here’s something for you to investigate, Holmes: which Irish no-talent is laughing all the way to the fucking bank?


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