Wednesday, April 26, 2006

“Don’t call us, we’ll call you”

As kiss-offs go, this one is pretty fucking lame, as used by Faye Dunaway (how the mighty have fallen) at the end of each episode of The Starlet. I mean it's not up there with the Trump's "You're fired", is it? Alan Sugar was wise indeed not to try and invent his own catchphrase for the UK version. Especially given how shit he is at inventing anything at all.

And here's a not-at-all gratuitous shot of Vivica (I'm "A") Fox – after all, she's a panellist on the show. That strange scream you just heard? That's me with a frying pan wrapped around my head just after Wife sees this post. Not saying I'm pussy-whipped, but I am in so much trouble.


Anonymous nicole said...

I ran across your blog through BlogMad and I can't stop laughing. HILARIOUS stuff, dude. ;)

29 April, 2006 02:18  

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