Monday, March 20, 2006

“When You Wasn’t Famous”

So there I was last night, washing up or something in the kitchen, when Wife called me into the lounge to watch the video of the new single by The Streets, “When You Wasn’t Famous”. Now, I’ve got to say, I really liked Mike Skinner’s second album, A Grand Don’t Come For Free, and I later had Original Pirate Material bought for me as a present by Wife. She knows, so I’m not offending her here, that although I think there are some good tracks on that debut album, it really doesn’t compare to the almost genius of AGDCFF. But I seriously hope this new single is not a sign of what is to come on Mike’s new album, cos it is really very very bad. I mean the lyrics, mostly, seem good, although it’s difficult to be entirely certain since so much of it was fucked about with to remove the swear words on MTV or whatever channel we were watching. But the tune... Oh. My. God. Wife summed it up best (although I think she is perhaps exaggerating a tiny bit): “It sounds like ‘Agadoo’!”


Blogger the cappuccino kid said...

not bought it but have heard the album on limewire. not impressed.

apart from green days american idiot, i thought a.g.d.c.f.f. was possibly the finest concept album since quadrophenia. i sat at work 5 minutes after buying it and listened to it straight through wearing headphones (in the days when i could). stunning! was most of my life on cd!
also liked original pirate material.

09 May, 2006 09:10  
Blogger * (asterisk) said...

AGDCFF is great. I laughed much of the way through the first listening, and I still do.

I have a bit of love for concept albums, though I don't own many. I bought AGDCFF, American Idiot (also great, although a bit less good towards the end), and I used to have Quadrophenia double vinyl but I sold it for about £20 seven or eight years ago.

But... I think AGDCFF has lots in common with the excellent, king of the concept albums That's Life by Sham 69. In fact, I reckon Skinner ripped it off a bit. If you ain't heard That's Life, buy it now!

09 May, 2006 11:05  

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